Practicing and Presenting Everyday...

We have been doing a lot of practice teaching this past month.

When I did my first teacher training — we only taught one pose at the very end of the training. I felt so unprepared to teach a class when the training was over. It was a great training program — but I thought we would have benefitted from a lot more practice teaching.

In my Shiva Yoga® 200hr Teacher Training, I decided to get the students teaching on the very first day. They then practice teach and present something everyday after that. You get really comfortable standing up and talking in front of people after doing it everyday for a whole month. It’s been amazing to see the students get more comfortable and to watch them grow.

We are in our last few days of the program now. The students have all taught a full class twice to one other person. Today is an exciting day! Our first teacher’s are teaching the full class — to a full classroom of students! Partner teaching is over! Now it’s getting real. 

So proud of all of these students. They will be coming soon to a yoga studio near you.