What is a Guru? What does 'namaste' mean?

Every morning for the past 4 weeks I’ve started teaching my classes with a long Dharma talk before each class. This is definitely one of my favorite parts of leading these Shiva Yoga® 200hr Teacher Training programs. We have extra time and I can take the time to share some of the stories that my teachers have shared with me that have helped me understand yoga, and break down and talk about some of the common terms we use a lot in yoga but may not fully understand. What is a Guru? What does ‘namaste’ mean? Why do we ‘OM’ in yoga? This program is challenging the trainees to get out of their comfort zone. What is yoga? What does the word ‘yoga’ mean? Union? Union of what? Are you learning to ride your horse and then riding your hose to the destination? Are you walking to the center of your wheel? Is Self-realization the realization that you’re not the cell phone, you’re the signal? Is the experience of the Ultimate Reality when you realize you’re not a separate wave, you’ve never been a separate wave, you’ve always been a part of the ocean, connected to everything and everyone around you? What is the goal of yoga? And why would I want to take this yoga journey anyway?