Day 2 at XYoga Festival in Dubai!

Incredible Shiva Meditation® class to finish day 2 here at the XYoga Dubai Festival. So grateful to be able to share this practice. 100+ yogis in attendance for a powerful and transformational experience. Thank you for coming, everyone! 

When the class finished all the students just sat there, in stillness, with big smiles on their faces. There was a peace and a calm that you could feel radiating from everyone in attendance. I told the students that this is what happens everywhere I teach this class. When the class is over — no one rushes out, there’s no where to go, nothing to do. It happens everywhere. The mind is quiet. Each students has a deeper experience of themselves. Maybe for the first time ever they feel a connection to something beyond the body, mind and thoughts. The mind has stopped saying, “What’s next? What’s next?”

I always feel so happy when I see the students sitting there peacefully after class. It reminds me of taking classes like this with my teacher, Dharma Mittra. We would all sit and Dharma would sometimes say, “Any questions?” There was almost always no questions. This was just like after my class today. I finally told the students what my teacher Dharma always says — “That’s it. It’s over. There’s nothing else.” Then he would laugh and we would all laugh, as we all did today after my class.