Flashback to my first time in Greece!

Flashback to 2015, with my yoga brother — David Romero! We were on our way to the Aegialis Hotel & Spa in this picture, for my yoga retreat on the Greek island of Amorgos. David did a great job assisting me on this retreat. We had such a rough trip from Los Angeles to Athens. There was a flight delay and chaos at LAX. I was so stressed. David did a really good job of staying calm and helping me navigate a really challenging situation. In the end, it all worked out (as things usually do), and we had an incredible week in Greece on the retreat. This was my first time in Greece, first time on the island of Amorgos, and first time at the Aegialis Hotel & Spa. What an incredible experience! I went back to the hotel 2 yrs later for the first Elysia Yoga Convention. I hope you can join me for the Elysia Yoga Convention next year March 28-April 4/2019. Such a special place.