Grateful for all the connections -- Elysia Yoga Convention 2017

We left the 1st Elysia Yoga Convention in 2017 on such a high!

I enjoyed meeting so many wonderful presenters and students there. This pic was from a farewell dinner that some of us enjoyed together, in Athens, before going on our separate ways.

One of the things that really touched me at this first Elysia Yoga Convention was the incredible community that was created and the wonderful people (presenters and students) who attended from all over the world. It surprised me how close we all became after just that one week together. I don’t think social media will ever connect us the way in person contact with others can, and will ever be as healing and beneficial. Some of my greatest moments and some of my fondest memories on this journey have been shared with so many others, in person, face to face, in the studio, or sharing a meal together, laughing together, connecting, making a connection.

So grateful for all of you who have crossed my path and are walking this journey with me. Thank you everyone for all the laughter together, the group meals, the warm hugs, making eye contact, really hearing me, sharing your stories, and being seen and heard. Sometimes this path is lonely and it’s so nice to have the warmth of friendship, and the support of other travelers walking a similar journey.

I hope to see many of you again next year at the 3rd Elysia Yoga Convention from March 28-April 4/2019. And I’m looking forward to seeing the new faces who will be there, and creating new memories with some new friends.