Grateful to spend this time with Mom.

One more day with this amazing woman who brought me into this world. I’m so grateful to have such an amazing mom. It’s been a really nice visit this year. Love you, mom! Thank you for making this such a special holiday. 

A few years ago we learned that my mom has dementia. The last 4 years have been challenging. We have watched the disease progress. Slowly, my mom is fading away.

This journey has had positive elements, though. Each moment has become really special with my mom. The Universe has really reminded us all that this isn’t going to last forever. We are all just fading away. And it goes pretty fast. You better get present and breathe into every moment because they go by pretty fast.

One of the wonderful things that has happened with my mom as her dementia has progressed is that she has become so much more vulnerable and we have had moments of deep connection that I don’t know we would have had if she didn’t have the disease.

Going through this with my mom has also taught me so much about acceptance and surrender. This is happening. You can’t fight it. It’s happening. You have to accept it and you have to accept the situation exactly as it is. There’s times where initially I wanted my mom to be who she was before the disease - but that’s not show she is now - and that’s not about her - that’s about me.

Our practice now is to love my mom, exactly the way she is and exactly the way she needs to be loved right now. She’s a beautiful and amazing woman and I love her so much.