Meet my new friend Jack

My new friend!  This is my buddy, Jack. I’m staying with him and his family here in Orlando this week. He’s a very special guy. Thank you, Jack, for opening your home to me. And thank you, Annette. It’s been such a pleasure being here. You are a very special and kind person. Grateful for you. 

Jack is an old dog. He’s not very lovable sometimes. He doesn’t see very well and he doesn’t hear very well. So, he’s mostly in the dark. That must be a scary place to be. He gets startled a lot and he’s losing his mind a little too. A lot of the time Jack barks at you and growls. He doesn’t mean anything by it. He’s just scared. It must be scary to be in the dark.

I tried practicing lots of love and kindness and compassion towards Jack even when he wasn’t being very lovable. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. I think he opened up a little while I was staying with him and Annette.

Just because someone is angry with you and barks at you or growls at you it doesn’t mean you have to bark back them. You can still practice loving them and being kind and compassionate and maybe they will open up a little.