My Nana and her grandkids!

My 97 yr old nana and all of us “grand kids” — all grown up! Merry Christmas!

I sometimes stop and think of all that has happened in my nana’s life. Imagine what incredible changes to the world she has witnessed being alive for almost a whole century.

We are living in this incredible time right now. There are so many amazing things. I’m excited to see what is coming next. What will be the next I-phone? What will be the next big technology that changes the way we move through the world?

When I spend time with my nana I always feel very grounded. Connecting with family is one of the ways to tap into the root chakra. I sometimes think of what a debt I owe to my nana too. Without her none of the people in this picture would be here today. We owe such a debt to our parents and to our ancestors. It’s easy to think of all the flaws we see in our parents but it’s important to remember the sacrifice they made for us, to give us a vehicle for our Soul to travel through this life.

Grateful for my nana. I hope my life is as long and as fulfilling as hers has been.