My sister is a Chef!

My sister is a Chef. She whips up these incredible meals from scratch. So good and so healthy!

This was a vegetable soup she made us for lunch yesterday with a side of cornbread. 

What are you putting into your body? My relationship to food has changed so much since my yoga practice started. What we put into our body literally becomes us. That food you are eating is going to form the building blocks of the cells your body will create. You, literally, are what you eat.

Eating more mindfully is one of the things we can do to practice yoga off the mat.

This doesn’t just mean what you are eating but also how you are eating. Offering gratitude. Sharing your meal with others. Eating with positive thoughts and positive emotions. Focusing on enjoying your food. Enjoying the colors, the smells, the flavors. Really being present.

Notice how much more full you are and how much more fulfilling it is to turn off the TV or put down the phone and really take your time to enjoy your next meal.