The Kula Yoga Community All Dressed Up!

We had a really fun dinner on Saturday night! Nice to spend some time with this lovely Kula Yoga community. Fun to see everyone dressed up and not in yoga clothes too. 

A Kula is a family. I feel like I have several yoga families right now and I love connecting with these families as much as I love connecting with my biological family.

We are in a time where the things in our life that are supposed to help us connect to each other are actually making us feel more lonely and alone. I think yoga and the communities we create around our yoga practice can really make up for this lack of connection we feel in our modern world and this lack of community that is disappearing from our lives.

Do you have a Kula? Do you feel connected? Come to a yoga class and you’ll meet a whole lot of people on the same journey that you are on. You might make some new friends, you might find a new partner, you might find the sense of community and belonging that you have been missing.

Thank you, Kula Yoga community for a fun night out!