Happy Valentine's Day!

How open is your heart? How much love is flowing through you? Yoga philosophy teaches us that when we quiet the movements of the mind, and experience the deepest part of our Self — love, kindness, and compassion will flow through us and into the world. What kind of love is your love? Is it this love, kindness, and compassion, flowing through you to all those around you?
My teacher Dharma would say reverse engineer it. Maybe you’ve never experienced Samadhi, or you haven’t gone deep enough to experience your inner Light yet. Pretend you are already there. Practice being loving, kind, and compassionate. Be of service in the world to those around you. So much love for everyone who has touched my path. Grateful for each of you! Hope you have a wonderful day today and are letting your inner Light shine through and light up those around you. When the Light is flowing through you, you don’t need one special person, everyone is special, and everyone deserving of love. Namaste.