Really fun Core Workshop on Saturday afternoon!

We sometimes think of the core as just the belly — but there is more to the core than just the Rectus Abdominus (the 6 pack) muscles. And you want your core muscles to be strong but also flexible. Just like the whole practice — balance is key.
The Rectus Abdominus flexes the spine.
The external and internal obliques flex and rotate the spine.
The transverse Abdominus provides stability for the low back.
The pelvic floor stabilizes the pelvis.
The diaphragm and intercostal muscles facilitate respiration.
The psoas muscles flex the hips.
The quadratus lumborum laterally flexes the spine.
The spinal erectors extend the spine.
The serratus anterior helps to stabilize the shoulders.
We broke things down in this workshop and isolated these muscles to really feel how each one is working and what it’s supposed to be doing when it’s functioning properly. Then, lots of practice to really feel these muscles in action and apply our work to some common yoga poses. Great job everyone who came out to practice on Saturday. It was really fun to practice with you!