Honored to be featured in YogaLife magazine!

Yogis! This month’s YogaLife magazine has been released. I have a nice 4 page article on Shiva Yoga. The magazine interviewed me after the XYoga Dubai Festival last month. I was really impressed with the depth of their curiosity. Lots of great questions about why yoga is more than just exercise and the technology of the practice works. Thank you YogaLife for including me in your publication and giving me the opportunity to share the teachings of my teachers. We are all just walking the same path, helping each other along. I’ve been blessed to have some incredible teachers and I feel so connected to the lineage of my teachers. Get connected, yogis! You can’t do this on your own. It’s not about learning a fancy asana you saw someone do on social media. You also can’t learn yoga from a book. Find a teacher who is walking the path and follow them. They know the way. Namaste!

You can catch the whole article at the YogaLife website. Www.yogalife-online.com Check out the beautiful cover pic on this issue of @deepikamehtayoga - a lovely teacher who was also at the XYogaDubai Festival last month.