Demonstrating Flying Pigeon.

Demonstrating the Flying Pigeon (ekapadagalavasana) for my students, during one of our Shiva Power classes, in my Shiva Yoga Intensive program, at Dream Space Yoga, in Shenzhen!
It took me forever to be able to do this pose! I thought I was never going to be strong enough. I didn’t realize that the arm balance poses in yoga are simply standing warmup poses done on the arms. I wasn’t lacking the strength to do the pose. My hips weren’t open enough. If you want this pose to become easier, you have to open up the piriformis muscle. Lots of Single Pigeon Forward Fold and Double Pigeon Forward Fold.
Once you increase the range of motion at the hip joint and are able to externally rotate your hips fully, this pose, Lotus Pose, and Leg Behind the Head variations open up for you. And you protect your knees, which will suffer if you are not able to fully externally rote the hips