Reflecting on Dreamer Yoga Festival in Guangzhou!

It is so exciting to see yoga spreading all over the world and growing so quickly in China!
This practice is so Universal. It doesn’t belong to India. It doesn’t belong to the west. Yoga is about the human experience. Yoga teaches us that we are not our thoughts and not our emotions. Yoga teaches us that we are both having the experience and we are the witness of the experience. We are awareness experiencing itself.
Yoga has helped me see unhealthy patterns in my life and shown me how to let go of them and replace them with new patterns leading me in a more positive direction.
Yoga has helped me shift my perspective. Life is still filled with challenges but I am filled with gratitude for every moment. I don’t want the challenges to go away. Yoga has given me the tools to breathe into the challenging moments, and taught me to go towards the fire, not to run away from it.
My mind is open and my heart is open. I am riding the wave. Sometimes out of balance. Sometimes in perfect balance. Some days are good and some days are bad. But everything is perfect and unfolding the way it is supposed to unfold.
On to the next adventure!!!