Yoga is constantly asking you to look at the truth.

Where are you at in this moment? Right here? Right now? Look at your strengths. Look at your weaknesses. There is no spiritual by-pass. You’ve got to go through your stuff in order to get to the other side. You’ve got to sit in the darkness before you can see the light.
What’s your relationship to the truth? Stand your ground. Hold your focus. The Universe is testing you. Are you really ready for this moment? Are you really ready to be this vulnerable? Look at the mirror. What do you see? What are you learning about yourself?
It is our acknowledgement and acceptance of the present moment that allows for our growth, and allows us to integrate the disconnected parts of ourselves. What are you not ready to look at right now? Maybe it’s time to have a look. It’s time to go through the fire, and get to the other side.
Let your practice break you wide open. Let it break you down. You are cleaning your pot. You are cleaning out the closet. Put in the effort. It’s worth it. Time to get on your mat!