Demonstrating the Pose Koundinyasana

Demonstrating the pose Koundinyasana for my students today at Guruv Yoga Lake Mary in Orlando.
When you do this pose your shoulder stabilizers need to work extra hard so that your arms stay roughly in the same position as in chatturanga — the low plank pose. If your shoulders round forward, and your shoulder blades come off the rib cage, you are in danger of giving yourself a shoulder injury. If you have to look sideways in your pose then you are probably dropping one of your shoulders. Be careful. My teacher would see people doing this and say, “this is an injury waiting to happen.”
All arm balances are essentially chatturanga or plank pose + a standing warmup pose. Koundinyasana is chatturanga + triangle pose.
If you want to deepen your work in this pose you will want to work on increasing hip flexibility and strengthening your arms, shoulders, shoulder stabilizer muscles, and your core. You will want to open your hips more in flexion, abduction, and external rotation. Think of the other poses in this family that you could work on in order to deepen your work in this pose? Triangle pose, Half Moon pose, Standing Wide Legged Forward Folding pose, Standing Hand to Foot Open Hip pose, Vacistasana, Lying Down Hand to Foot Open Hip Pose, and Seated Wide Legged Forward Folding pose, would be a great start — to name a few. Practice your transition from Plank pose to Chatturanga over and over again. Don’t go all the way down. Stop halfway. This will help you build the strength you need in your arms, shoulders, shoulder stabilizers and in your core. Practice holding the Plank pose for at least a minute, or two minutes, or three minutes. And practice holding chatturanga for at least a few breaths. That’s what you are essentially going to have to be able to do in this pose. Have fun!!!
Once you’ve mastered this pose, you can try transitioning into the pose from Tripod Head Balance and Handstand.