Anything that is not serving you -- let it go!

Anything that  is not serving you -- let it go!

We have come together from as far away as Dubai, Japan and Brazil, from Los Angeles, the Bay Area, San Diego, Mexico City, and some of our group is from here in Cabo too! It’s been an incredible month. I will miss this wonderful group when our training finishes in a few days. Time is passing so quickly. Breathe into every moment. Enjoy this incredible time as much as you can. Love everyone. Life is too short. Hold space for people. Pass on what you are learning and keep learning and growing yourself. Anything that is not serving you — let it go. Anyone that is dragging you down — let them go. There are such amazing people in the world. If you start vibrating on the right frequency they will find you. Send out your signal. Yoga encourages us to change ourselves. Don’t ask the world to change for you. Shift your perspective and change your relationship to the world. Namaste, Everyone! Grateful for this amazing group that has come together for this training and for all the wonderful blessings in my life right now.

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