Powerful Hip Opening Workshop!

Powerful Hip Opening Workshop!

We had a big hip opening workshop on Saturday at Kula Yoga in Port Orange. Thank you everyone for coming out to explore with me. I really enjoyed practicing with you and sharing some knowledge about how we can work with this area of the body.

Full range of motion in the hips will help protect the low back, the knees, create more balance in the body, and prepare the body to sit comfortably in seated meditation postures for pranayama or meditation practices.

We touched on a lot of additional things in this workshop too — from sequencing, to anatomy, to deeper philosophy and then tying these things all together. I love how each of these workshops goes in different directions depending on who is in the room and what they want to learn and focus on. This was a very open and receptive group and we got to cover a lot. Grateful to all of you for coming! 

This coming Saturday, January 26th, I’m leading another Hip Opening workshop in Orlando at Guruv Yoga. If you missed this week at Kula Yoga and you are in the Orlando area please join me there!

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