Beautiful Views from Temescal Canyon Trail.

Beautiful Views from Temescal Canyon Trail.

I’m getting over being sick the last week. It feels amazing! I was feeling so rough last week. My body completely shut down. I’ve been pushing pretty hard the last few months and traveling a lot. My sleep has been pretty disturbed, after hopping from time zone to time zone. This is from an hour ago on the Temescal Canyon Trail. I’ve been hiking the last few days to build up my strength again. Not sick anymore but my body is still feeling pretty weak. It’s been ages since I’ve been hiking too and it feels so good to be back in nature. I’ve missed these incredible views and soaking up the energy of the forest. It’s been a really good year. There’s been ups and downs. Plenty of challenges. And lots of big breakthroughs. I feel like this year I planted a lot of seeds. And I let go of a lot of things that have been holding me back. And I know what I want in 2019. I can see it clearly.

When you are in ignorance — you don’t know the patterns that you are stuck in. You can’t see the forest for the trees. But once you know, once things are revealed — you have a responsibility, and if you choose to stay living in the old pattern, knowing that it’s not serving you, you’re choosing to hold on to the past.

I feel like getting sick last week was the physical manifestation of a whole lot of stuff that I have been working through finally coming to the surface and I am so ready to let it all go. It’s time to move forward.

Offer gratitude. Set your intention. Concentrate.

I’m ready for this new year! Excited and open hearted. Ready for the challenge.  Ready for whatever comes.

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