Galapagos Islands Adventure Yoga Retreat! Day 5!

Galapagos Islands Adventure Yoga Retreat!  Day 5!

We started off with an early morning pranayama and meditation practice at Semilla Verde. Love watching these yogis transformation after these seated practices. Powerful stuff!

A quick breakfast at Semilla Verde and we were off to Tortuga Bay for some hiking, hanging out at the beach, and kayaking.

When we arrived at Tortuga Bay we hiked through this beautiful forest to get to the beach. The trees were all white and silver and it looked like they had been blanketed in ice. It was really beautiful!

The beach was really nice at Tortuga Bay. We hung out and snapped some pictures and chilled for a bit. Lots of black Iguanas on the beach and a few sea lions swimming nearby.

Kayaking was a blast!

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