Galapagos Islands Adventure Yoga Retreat! Day 7!

Galapagos Islands Adventure Yoga Retreat!  Day 7!

This was our last day to explore the islands. The trip had started off feeling like it was going slow and then a few of the days just flew by and suddenly we were on our last day. We had bonded so much as a group. It had been such an amazing time together on the islands. I was going to miss this Galapagos Islands family and our home away from home at Semilla Verde.

We were up early for a yoga class at 6am. Sun Salutations and meditation. It's amazing how just doing fifteen minutes of sun salutations and a fifteen minute meditation can change the rest of your day. If you don't have time for a full practice this alone can be enough.

We had breakfast at Semilla Verde and then waited for the bus to take us on our last excursion. The dogs were out playing. The cat was wandering around. A couple of turtles were already eating nearby on the lawn.

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