Just Landed in Dubai!

Just Landed in Dubai!

After a quick stop in Los Angeles, I have arrived in Dubai for the XYoga Dubai Festival! It was a long flight but very smooth. I slept a lot. Lol. A day to rest and I’m excited to be presenting 2 Shiva Power classes and a Shiva Meditation class on Friday and Saturday at the festival. Looking forward to practicing with the students here. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are from — everyone can benefit from yoga. Quieting your mind and experiencing a deeper connection to your Self is Universal. Grateful to be here. It looks like a beautiful city. The people at the airport were so nice upon arrival. 

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Exploring Long Island.

Exploring Long Island.

Hiking on Long Island with my Dharma Yoga sister! Diana has been hosting me here in New York and she is such a great host. Grateful for her. She has inspired me to eat so healthy since I arrived here in New York. It’s been a great way to start the new year. I’m feeling refreshed and recharged. And it’s been so wonderful to practice everyday with my teacher, Sri Dharma Mittra. 

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Galapagos Islands Adventure Yoga Retreat! Day 6!

Galapagos Islands Adventure Yoga Retreat!  Day 6!

On Thursday of our retreat we had a day off from excursions. I led the group in a late yoga class that started at 7:30am. The turtles were all hanging out in the turtle pond and we got to watch them during class, right outside the window of the yoga studio.

We had a late breakfast at 9am and then the day was free until the afternoon and evening.
Most of the students went to town after breakfast and continued exploring on their own. I hung back and stayed at Semilla Verde. I needed a few hours to just wander around the property and be alone. This was the first chance I had to walk the paths on the property and explore a little and the turtles were everywhere.

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Galapagos Islands Adventure Yoga Retreat! Day 5!

Galapagos Islands Adventure Yoga Retreat!  Day 5!

We started off with an early morning pranayama and meditation practice at Semilla Verde. Love watching these yogis transformation after these seated practices. Powerful stuff!

A quick breakfast at Semilla Verde and we were off to Tortuga Bay for some hiking, hanging out at the beach, and kayaking.

When we arrived at Tortuga Bay we hiked through this beautiful forest to get to the beach. The trees were all white and silver and it looked like they had been blanketed in ice. It was really beautiful!

The beach was really nice at Tortuga Bay. We hung out and snapped some pictures and chilled for a bit. Lots of black Iguanas on the beach and a few sea lions swimming nearby.

Kayaking was a blast!

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Galapagos Islands Adventure Yoga Retreat! Day 4!

Galapagos Islands Adventure Yoga Retreat!  Day 4!

Day 4 of our Galapagos Islands adventure we were up early to do an asana class to start the day off!

I was getting up a little earlier than everyone else to do my own practice on the retreat before leading our morning classes and most days when I headed from my room to the studio it was still dark outside. I often came very close to stepping on one of the giant turtles who were sleeping on the pathway to the studio or nearby. The turtles hiss at you when they are scared or startled and it sounds very strange.

This morning on Day 4 was one of those times when I almost stepped on one of the turtles and we startled each other. I was walking to the studio, half asleep, and it was still pretty dark out. Suddenly, a loud hissing sound to my right startled me. I remember thinking, what the heck is that noise? I think I must've woken up the poor turtle as I was walking by because when I looked back over my shoulder, I could vaguely see him and he was looking around, moving his head from side to side, still hissing and looking rather confused. They usually just tuck into their shell and hide for a few minutes when they are startled. This guy was startled just like I was and was probably thinking, what the heck is that noise, just like me.

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Galapagos Islands Adventure Yoga Retreat! Day 3!

Galapagos Islands Adventure Yoga Retreat!  Day 3!

Day 3 of our Galapagos Islands adventure took us to North Seymour Island.
We woke up early and I led the group through a challenging yoga class to get us ready for our day.

After class, we grabbed a quick breakfast at Semilla Verde and then took a bus to the port to board the Sea Finch.We arrived at North Seymour island and went exploring with our guide, Steve, giving us deeper insight into all of the animals we encountered.

North Seymour was home to a number of different species of birds. One of the most interesting was the blue footed booby. I think I have a couple of good pics of one or two of them. The blue footed booby has these really goofy looking eyes and bright blue feet, which makes them look like they were dipped in paint.

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Galapagos Islands Adventure Yoga Retreat! Day 2!

Galapagos Islands Adventure Yoga Retreat!  Day 2!

This was our first official day waking up at Semilla Verde. I was up at a little before 5am to do my practice so I could lead the group through a morning session at 6am. We did a sun salutation practice, followed by a seated seedless meditation.

After a quick breakfast, we were on our way to the port to head to Bartolome Island.
Steve, a really nice, down to earth guide was to lead us on this journey. We lucked out with Steve as he turned out to be a walking encyclopedia.

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Galapagos Islands Adventure Yoga Retreat! Day 1!

Galapagos Islands Adventure Yoga Retreat!  Day 1!

We left from LAX on Friday morning. I was flying with three other students coming from Los Angeles. We flew to Panama City and then on to Guayakil, a small city in Ecuador. We spent the night in Guayakil and met up with two more students at the airport, who were booked at the same hotel.

Saturday morning, we took an early flight to the Galapagos Islands, landing on Baltra Island, where a former American military base was located during WW2 . From Baltra Island, we took a short bus ride to a ferry and then took a ferry to the island of Santa Cruz, where we would be staying. A second bus ride took us north across the island. We climbed in elevation as we headed inland and watched the land change from an arid and dry desert landscape to lush green and tropical forest.

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