Garth currently travels out of town several times a year to teach weekend intensives, lead workshops & master classes, and present at yoga festivals & conferences.  If you would like to book Garth to come and teach at your studio, or yoga center, please have a look at the offerings below, and fill out the form that follows, at the bottom of this page, or reach out with any questions to:  Garth also collaborates with studios outside of Los Angeles who want to host Shiva Yoga Teacher Training Programs and the Shiva Yoga Practitioner Training Program.  Please visit: for more information.


15hr Weekend Intensive:

The 15hr Weekend Intensive is our most popular booking and Garth has taught these weekend intensives all over the world.  The 15hr Weekend intensive gives students a chance to experience a number of different practices with Garth, that are spread out over an entire weekend.  (A sample schedule is below.)  The full weekend is usually offered with a discount price for those signing up for the entire weekend and higher pricing for students who just want to sign up for an individual class or workshop. 

Friday:  7-10 - Philosophy discussion + Shiva Meditation class
Saturday: 8-10am or 9-11am - Shiva Power Master class
Saturday: 12-1pm - Shiva Meditation class
Saturday: 2-5pm - Workshop 1
Sunday: 8-10am or 9-11am - Shiva Power Master class
Sunday: 12-1pm - Shiva Meditation class
Sunday 2-5pm - Workshop 2

Class Descriptions:

Philosophy discussion + Shiva Meditation class:  (3hrs)
This philosophy and meditation discussion will introduce students to yoga philosophy and meditation practices.  Students will learn concepts from classical and traditional yoga philosophy and gain a better understanding of the philosophy that informs modern yoga and meditation practices.  Students will also explore seated meditation postures, discuss different types of meditation, learn about concentration and meditation techniques, and the advanced meditation practice of Samadhi.  This workshop culminates with a Shiva meditation practice.

Shiva Power Master class (2hrs)
Setting intentions and practicing gratitude, students move through a challenging and balanced flow with an emphasis on concentration and surrendering into the fire, in order to achieve a state of balance, letting go of the attachment to the ego, quieting the mind, and working towards Self-realization.  This class will contain advanced variations as well as modifications for beginners and will conclude with an extended final rest and a seated meditation practice. 

Shiva Meditation class: (1hr)
This class takes students on a journey into stillness.  The class begins with seated pranayama techniques.  Students use bandhas, mudras, and specific breathing techniques to work with energy and find balance.  Students are then led through a guided yoga nidra meditation practice, in order to let go of the outer world and the body and turn inward.  This class culminates with seated concentration and meditation techniques designed to quiet the mind and lead to a state of Samadhi, the experience of the true nature of the Self. 


Workshop Menu:

Handstands:  (3hrs)
This workshop will explore the key actions in the shoulder girdle that allow us to stand upside down on our hands.  Students will learn how to activate the shoulder stabilizers in conjunction with the core muscles in order to find balance.  Tips, tricks, and exercises to help develop the core muscles and the shoulder stabilizer muscles will be taught. Students will learn how to balance in the middle of the room and "get off" the wall.  There will be ample time to practice the full handstand.  There will also be advanced transitions for intermediate and advanced students and variations suitable for beginners.  Some challenging and fun partner yoga exercises will help each student learn to trust, encouraging confidence and building courage.  

Advanced Backbending:  (3hrs)
This workshop will explore a number of peak pose backbends.  Breaking down these poses into their component parts, students will explore ways to deepen each pose, by working on different parts of the body individually before bringing things together.  Students will learn how to create space in their backbends and how to practice deep backbends in a healthy and safe way.  Advanced variations will be taught for intermediate and advanced students to practice. 

Arm Balancing:  (3hrs)
This workshop will help students understand the actions used in each arm balance pose, key muscles involved in achieving balance on the arms, and how proper alignment affects the center of gravity, making gravity either a friend or foe.  Balancing on the arms is not just about brute strength.  Advanced variations will be taught for intermediate and advanced students to practice.  Preparation poses for those not ready to balance on their arms yet will also be explored.

Sun Salutations As a Practice of Gratitude:  (3hrs)
This workshop will explore basic foundational warm-up poses and common transitions like the vinyasa to low plank (chatturanga) & knees, chest, chin, and several different sun salutations.  Students will learn the origins of the sun salutation, and will break down several different sun salutations, learning how they have evolved over time to their current modern interpretation.  Students will learn the purpose of the sun salutations in yoga and how to elevate their current practice of sun salutations beyond just a physical warmup for the body.

Foundational Standing Poses:  (3hrs)
This workshop will look at the key foundational poses in a standing warm-up sequence.  Students will break down each pose and put it back together again, learning how alignment and a knowledge of basic anatomy helps in setting boundaries, creating freedom, and allows for a deep exploration of the pose without leading to injury.  

Balancing Poses:  (3hrs)
This workshop will look at various standing balancing poses.  Breaking these poses down, students will learn how to stabilize the pelvis.  By exploring the key muscles involved in stabilization and learning techniques to awaken these muscles students will learn how to create strength and stability in standing balance poses, allowing them to explore their edges in these poses fearlessly.

Hip Opening:  (3hrs)
This workshop will explore the many postures that will prepare the body to sit for meditation, either in an advanced seated posture like the lotus, or kneeling warrior, or in an easy cross legged seated posture.   Students will explore the different muscles that make up the legs and the pelvic girdle, and learn what is holding them back from achieving a full range of motion in their hips, coming into advanced seated postures like the lotus, or kneeling warrior, and what is making it challenging for them to be able to sit for long periods of time in meditation, without experiencing pain in their body.  

Forward Folding:  (3hrs)
This workshop will explore healthy forward folding and breaking down common forward folding postures.  Students will learn what areas are presenting challenges for them and identify how to work on these areas in order to deepen their forward folding practice and build towards peak forward folding poses.  Students will also explore the deeper reason for forward folding and learn how these poses prepare the mind for meditation.

Twisting:  (3hrs)
This workshop will explore healthy twisting and breakdown common postures.  Students will learn what areas are presenting challenges for them, key actions to stabilize the hips in order to facilitate deeper spinal twisting, and look at common challenges and bad habits often practiced in certain twisting postures.   Students will discuss the purpose of spinal twisting, and look at what twisting asanas will help each student the most in their personal practice. 

Shoulder Opening:  (3hrs)
This workshop will explore the many asanas and shoulder opening exercises that yoga has to offer.   Students will learn the anatomy of the shoulder girdle and how to open their shoulders in both flexion and extension.  Imbalances will become magnified and students will learn tools that they can use to open their shoulders, preparing them for advanced backbending, the head balance and shoulder stand inversions, advanced inversions, like the handstand and forearm balance, and also cultivating more balance in their bodies, reducing pain and the potential for injury.

Awakening the Kundalini with Mudra, Bandha and the Chakras:  (3hrs)
This workshop will explore the practice of mudra and bandha.  The students will learn about the chakras and the subtle body system, as well as techniques to help them learn how to awaken the kundalini.  Students will break down several mudras and the key bandhas, learning techniques to work with energy and move energy through their body.  

Inversions 101:  (3hrs)
An exploration of the head balance and shoulder stand inversions.  This workshop will break down the alignment in these inversions and also look at the bigger picture, exploring why these poses are two of the most important poses in yoga, known as the vipareeta karani mudras.  Students will learn how the body creates stability by using opposing actions, how to use the core to stabilize the low back, and how the muscles of the shoulder girdle work both with and against each other to provide a foundation for a healthy inversion practice.  Beginner, intermediate and advanced options in each pose will be looked at as well as various options for the shoulder stand sequence. 

Pranayama:  (3hrs)
This workshop will explore different breathing preparation exercises and several pranayama techniques.  Students will learn how to do the breath of fire, skull shining breath, victorious breathing, alternate nostril breathing, sun, moon, holding breathing, positive breathing, the cooling breath, the hissing breath and the crow's breath.  There will be some discussion of philosophy and technique as well as an opportunity to explore a full seated pranayama practice.

Yoga Nidra:  (3hrs)
This workshop will break down the practice of yoga nidra.  Students will learn the sequence of a yoga nidra practice and learn the key components that make up the practice. A full yoga nidra practice will be explored as well as shorter alternatives and additional relaxation techniques for when there isn't enough time for the full practice.  Students will come away with a better understanding of the purpose of this practice and the tools and knowledge to incorporate yoga nidra into their daily practice and into their lives.

Meditation:  (3hrs)
This workshop will explore different concentration and meditation techniques.  Students will learn the tools to allow them to establish a daily seated meditation practice.  There will be some philosophy discussion as well as lots of time to practice.  Concentration on various objects will be explored, moving from the gross to the subtle, and, finally, students will explore a seedless meditation, meditation without an object. 

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali:  (3hrs)
This workshop will be all about the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  What is the purpose of this classical system of yoga?  Students will break down several sutras as well as looking at the overall scope of the text and each of the four chapters.  Looking at key sutras, how they apply on and off the mat, will help students have a better understanding of the goal of yoga and how to achieve this goal.  

Ashtanga Yoga and the Yamas & Niyamas:  (3hrs)
This workshop will explore in greater detail the second chapter of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  Students will break down the traditional eight limbed path of Asthanga Yoga and specifically look at the first two limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, the yamas and the niyamas.  Students will learn how to practice yoga both on and off the mat and learn tools for moving through the world in a yogic way.  When meditation isn't successful it is often because a student isn't adhering to the moral and ethical principles laid out in the yoga sutras.  Practicing the yamas and niyamas can assist in the practice of asana, pranayama and meditation, on the mat, and can lead to a more balanced life off of the mat.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika:  (3hrs)
This workshop will examine the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.  This text gives us many of the practices we find today in modern yoga classes.   Students will explore the philosophy of Tantra, which informs the hatha yoga practices, and engage in a discussion of hatha yoga and how it compares to other yoga philosophy and the other systems of yoga. 

Setting Intentions & Finding Your Purpose:  (3hrs)
This workshop will use writing exercises, partner work, group sharing and discussion to help each student learn the power of setting intentions.  Students will look at their strengths, problems they see in the world today and how they can be of service in the world and learn how to follow their true path, access their full potential and move through life with purpose and meaning.

Shiva Yoga Maha Sadhana:  (3hrs)
The Shiva Yoga Maha Sadhana is a celebration of yoga which honors Sri Dharma Mittra and is a showcase of the "best of the best" that yoga has to offer and contains a sampling of teachings from Garth's Guru, Sri Dharma Mittra, and his other teachers.  Each Shiva Yoga Maha Sadhana event consists of: a strong asana practice, pranayama, cleansing practices, meditation, guided yoga nidra meditation, spiritual discourse and philosophy discussion, as well as partner yoga and a special yoga demo and offering. 


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