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Susan Hewitt (My Mom)
My Mom has been one of the strongest influences in my life.  She has taught me more about compassion than anyone I've ever met.  She is a selfless and beautiful soul and continues to be an inspiration to me to this day.


Albert Hewitt (My Dad)
My Dad is strong and independent.  He has taught me about responsibility, hard work and perseverance.  My strong work ethic and discipline are traits that I learned from him at a very young age and they have stuck with me to this day.


Emily Hewitt (My Sister)
My sister is a fellow yoga practitioner and teacher and a world traveler.  She is beautiful and courageous and constantly living in the moment.  She is an inspiration to me.


Sri Dharma Mittra
Dharma is such an incredible teacher.  He has helped teach me how the entire practice fits together.  He taught me that the most important thing in yoga is to be kind and respectful to all living beings and the most important practice is selfless service.  I'm so grateful to Dharma for sharing the teachings of yoga with me.  


Annie Carpenter
I have learned so much from Annie over the years.  So much of her teaching is flowing through me when I teach.  Each time I go to her class I am inspired by her encouragement, dedication, discipline and her love for her students.  Without finding Annie and her becoming one of my first teachers I don't know if I would be practicing and teaching yoga today. 


Srivatsa Ramaswami
Mr. Ramaswami studied with the late master Sri T. Krishnamacharya for 35 years.  His knowledge about the practice, teaching and history of yoga is incredible.  I'm so grateful to have been able to spend so much time with him and to learn so much from him.  


Dr. Larry Payne
I've learned so much from Larry..  I'm grateful for him and grateful I had the opportunity to study with him and take the Yoga Therapy Rx program at LMU.  Larry is a positive and enthusiastic practitioner, a humble, kind and gentle teacher and a powerful force in our yoga community -- creating programs and organizations to help bring yoga and the healing benefits of yoga to the world.  


Jill Miller
Jill is a real student of anatomy.  She helped me to think out of the box and really break down different asanas and question traditional teachings and ways of approaching things in my classes.  I'm really grateful to have learned so much from her.  She is a real yogi, on the mat, doing the work, learning and growing as a student and teacher.  


Vinnie Marino
Vinnie was one of my first teachers.   He was incredibly supportive when I began teaching yoga.  He was the first senior teacher to come to my classes when I started teaching at the original Yogaworks in Santa Monica.  


Chris Stein
Chris is like Mother Nature to me.  She is a beautiful, strong and feminine woman and one of the most compassionate people I've ever met.  She has been a wonderfully supportive teacher and friend.  I am so grateful for her encouragement, kindness and her generosity of spirit.


Lisa Walford
Lisa is a beautiful soul.  She led numerous workshops during my first 500hrs of teacher training.  She continues to check in on me as my teaching grows and offers continued guidance and support.  I'm so grateful to have her in my life.


Julian Walker
I have had some incredible transformational moments during Julian's classes.  I'm grateful for Julian, for holding space and leading such a wonderful and unique experience.  I've learned a lot over the years from him, peeled off layers of stuck energy, deepened my connection to my higher self and tapped into something beyond my ego in a non traditional way.  


K. Patthabi Jois
I had the opportunity to study with the Patthabi Jois family in Mysore, India in 2009.  I am so grateful to him for bringing Ashtanga Yoga to the west.  Without Sri K. Patthbi Jois and Ashtanga Yoga we would not have the Vinyasa Flow Yoga many of us practice today.


Sharath R. Jois
Sharath is Patthabi Jois's Grandson.  Some of the great memories I have from my experiences in Mysore are sitting in the Yoga Shala, on Sunday afternoons, listening to Sharath speak and answer questions about yoga.  Very inspiring!


Saraswati Jois
Saraswati is Patthabi Jois's daughter.  She was my main teacher in Mysore, India.  She brought so much lightness and humor to the asana room.  I am grateful for her adjustments, her encouragement and her kindness."


My Students
"I feel like every class is a learning experience for me.  My students inspire me to be a better teacher and a better human being.  Thank you for your dedication to your practice, your courage, your openness and your willingness to learn and to grow.  I am honored to be on this journey with you and to have you in my class."