I feel really inspired. I want to keep going and deepen my practice. Concentrate, and let go of the old patterns. Let your inner light shine through.
— Chen Chen
Garth helped me turn on the switch in my body. I feel endless energy.
— Millet
Thank you, Garth. For helping me find the true path of yoga.
— Jessie
As a beginner, it was so important for me to find the correct way to practice yoga. Very grateful!
— Cheryl
Listen. Be present. Everything will come after you put in the hard work.
— Snow
So grateful to Garth and Niya for this month full of knowledge, growth, fun, and lots of love. This is only the beginning! And I couldn’t have chosen a better training to begin with...
— Lucila Santamarina
Solid as a tree and humble as the grass.
— K.O.
Super amazing jam-packed course. So in depth and detailed. Best way to describe this course is to experience it yourself. Loved it despite the difficulty. No fire - no freedom!
— Andrew
Creative, team oriented, well grounded, fun, honest and transformative experience. I LOVED it! It has pushed me out of my comfort zone, encouraged growth and openness, taught me discipline and compassion. The very complicated philosophy was taught in a simple way and made easy to understand. The hardest poses were encouraged to practice with acceptance and compassion. Garth taught us that the quality of the effort is what matters the most. Surrounded by a group of like minded people who were so open, accepting and compassionate. Thank you Garth for your honesty, simplicity, authenticity and inspiration!
— Niya
A life changing experience! So grateful for the wisdom shared and the new friendships formed.
— Kristin Hughes
An incredible experience of growth, where I was able to remain vulnerable and open with the support of my teacher and classmates. Feeling grateful!
— Carolina Lima
Who knew that going ‘into the fire’ would be so much fun!? Amazing experience with amazing yogis and fantastic guide!!
— Jeff
Amazing experience with amazing group and amazing teacher! Be comfortable staying uncomfortable.
— Arisa
A fantastic experience of finding yourself. Yoga + Cabo = Love!!
— Ashlee
Yoga is a journey of self...surrendering...unfolding...ultimately letting go!! And trusting the process. Even when things get too uncomfortable. Garth help space for us to do exactly that. So...start the journey now.
— Elizabeth
The Shiva Yoga® training program by Garth Hewitt is fantastic! It was lot of fun and has very rich content.
— Young
The Shiva Yoga® Training Program by Garth Hewitt taught me how to live as an integrated person. I am very grateful for the dedicated efforts Garth has put into this program. I hope to see Garth again here in Wenling.
— Mary
The training was lively and fun, deep and rich. Garth explained the deeper theories of the practice and philosophy in simple and understandable language.
— Livia
I benefited a lot from this training program. I not only improved a lot in my understanding of asana, but also have tremendously transformed mentally and spiritually from this training. I highly recommend it to all of you.
— Jessica
The content is colorful and rich, the teaching style is full of fun and humor, the teacher is very dedicated. Highly recommend it.
— Zoe
Conscientious and precise teaching, full of variety in content, highly recommend it.
— Grace
The teacher was willing to share all his knowledge with us. Excellent!
— Tina
Integrated teaching, a real yogi who is sowing the seeds for awareness and deeper journey into the personal truth.
— Vivi
It was taught from the heart. Gratitude and heart-felt sharing are great. Strongly recommend it!
— Baba
I would love to continue with Garth for further training FOREVER!
— Jen
One-month training, significant self-transformation.
— Jade
I have learned lots of yoga knowledge but also learned gratitude and surrender, and gained friendship with fellow students in this program.
— Kelly
The content is very colorful, fun, and rich!
— Gigi
I learned a lot from Garth at this training. A real journey of heart began here.
— Lily
The teaching style was great, with colorful content. It helped us to find balance between body, mind and soul.
— Shanna
Well rounded program, meditation, philosophy, and great asana practice! Thank you.
— A.C.
The retreat was a rich opportunity to go inward and recharge and then open to the world again. There were many ways I experienced growth and felt nourished. The deep yoga practices on the retreat helped me reconnect with my Self.
— S.L.
Loved the program! The asanas were broken down and no pressure if you couldn’t do the pose. There were muscles I didn’t think I had. Enjoyed the meditation techniques. The process of concentration and meditation was explained thoroughly and this really helped me during my practice.
— J.F.
What a great way to connect with yourself, and also to connect with people with a healthy common interest. Loved the wine tasting, the philosophy discussions, lectures, the cooking class, and especially the deep stretching.
— Nancy Alpert
I enjoyed the retreat very much! I came to find that beautiful place within myself. The yoga and meditation helped me get closer to my goal. Thank you for organizing such a great retreat!
— Masha
My big breakthroughs on this retreat were doing the Camel pose and Inversions for the first time. I experienced some real yoga, beyond just the “warm up”!
— John Hughes
Awesome program with beautiful people. Yoga program was so helpful to deepen my knowledge and my yoga journey!
— Rumiko Hughes
The yoga retreat allowed me to explore and deepen my practice much more than a regular class would be able to offer. In addition to that it was wonderful to meet all the other yoga practitioners!
— Kateryna R.
Great retreat! Learned a lot. Beautiful peaceful place. Great accommodations! I would definitely go on a yoga retreat like this again.
— Marina Baskin
I really enjoyed the retreat! I learned a lot about the practice of yoga, not just the physical aspects but also the philosophical aspects and yoga history. I gained a deeper understanding of the meaning of yoga and my own experience of it.
— D.N.
Amazing experience, well organized program and excursions, delicious food, friendly staff, with great accommodations. The yoga program was well balanced with Asana practice, philosophy, and meditation.
— A.C.
What a great experience with an amazing group of yogis. Garth is a gem!
The Bliss in Bali Yoga Retreat was an awesome blend of nature, Yoga, and the spirit of happiness!
— Calin
Garth’s lectures in this program were excellent! The Shiva Yoga program has deepened my understanding of Yoga.
— Mia
I think the Shiva Yoga program offered was very interesting and relaxing. Garth took care of everyone, and got to know all of the students very well. He was very respectful and handled all of the different personalities in our group very well. He’s a very good teacher!
— Gill
In order to deepen our understanding and apply the heavy knowledge of yoga philosophy, Garth applied all kinds of tools, such as students giving speeches, acting in mock yoga commercials, and teaching each other by giving Dharma talks. We analyzed the Yoga journey on a microcosmic and macrocosmic level. I highly recommend everyone to practice with Garth and take this training program.
— Alice
In the yoga philosophy section, Garth used all kinds of ways to deepen our understanding. Yoga Nidra was very enjoyable, it helped me to go deeper in my meditation. I improved a lot in inversion and backbend poses. This training helped me both with the physical and spiritual level and I improved a lot.
— Cassie
Assisting each other in the Asana practice was really helpful! I love this kind of teaching. The way Garth teaches yoga philosophy is awesome! The combination of asana, pranayama, and meditation in the Shiva meditation classes was amazing!
— Sophie
Garth is very welcoming. He offered accurate guidance in doing the poses, and deep lecture in yoga philosophy. The philosophy section was my favorite part. Thank you, Garth! I hope to see you and Shiva Yoga go further and further in the future. Amazing program!
— Inna
Our training was very warm and there was such unity in the group. The process of going from not understanding to understanding was very natural and amazing. Everyone in our training had a unique personality and we supported each other. Garth was very patient with all of us and very responsible.
— Olivia
A delightful, beautiful experience that I will never forget for my whole life. Garth is very handsome, and he’s got really unique teaching method. He helped us deepen our understanding of yoga knowledge in a lot of creative ways. In addition to practicing and teaching, we listened to lectures, debated debated philosophy, played games, and shot yoga commercials.
— Lucifer
Garth is very responsible in teaching, kind to everyone, and treated everyone equally. He had a lot of respect for us and our time. He helped us to build confidence in ourselves, after building confidence, we all improved very fast.
— Lin-Lu
When I finally did a handstand and the upward bow, my heart was filled with joy, as I have never been able to do these poses before. When I finished the last day of the training, I felt a great sense of accomplishment.
— Jen
Opened a door for me, to see the yoga world. Not only poses, I also leaned the essence of yoga, and found self-balance. I learned to observe the outside world in a yoga way.
— Claire
I leaned more about Yoga philosophy, pranayama and meditation. It will be very helpful for my future teaching. I gained more knowledge in Asana breakdown from this program as well, it will also help me with both self-practicing and teaching.
— Faye
The retreat in the Galapagos Islands with Garth had direction and was spotted with a number of special events in addition to the incredible excursions exploring the islands: Opening and closing ceremonies, a cleansing ceremony, and a variety of learning, from the correct ‘right angle’ chatturanga, to breathing and meditation exercises. And, my favourite, the philosophy. It was exactly what I would hope from a retreat, both the fun, the informative, the spiritual and the physical. And, in Garth I found a new friend and teacher. Thank you, Garth, and thank you to the group for accepting me into your intimate circle. This was an experience I will never forget, and look forward to repeating it in the not too distant future!
— Robert Grimstone
The Galapagos Yoga Retreat had consistently outstanding classes with an excellent balance across seven days of amazing yoga.
— Olivier
The Galapagos Yoga Retreat was an unbelievable experience: organization, hospitality, accommodations, daily trips, yoga classes, wildlife animals and a wonderful, cohesive, friendly group of participants!
— Jaro S.
The Galapagos Yoga Retreat: Excellent yoga instruction & experience. A perfect combination of yoga & adventure.
— Ann D.
Garth’s Galapagos Yoga Retreat was an amazing experience. I’ve been on lots of yoga retreats around the world, and this one was truly special. I was new to Garth and loved his classes, his teachings, the asanas, the variety of techniques including meditation, pranayama, and yoga nidra. But what made this retreat unique was off the mat — Garth had a very special, unifying way of bringing the group together. Sharing the excitement and joy of all the cool things Galapagos has to offer with Garth and the yoga group made for the most wonderful week. I would most definitely recommend retreating with Garth. You will grow in your yoga practice, while experiencing a sense of community and family. Thank you Garth!
— April Hawthorne
What a good practice today. As always. In the moments of intensity our teacher reminded us of courage. Of making the choice of staying calm in the intensity to find growth. Courage to be uncomfortable yet calm, not letting the mind distract us and back away. On the mat just as in life. Do we choose to run away when things get tough or do we tune in with our inner self to find calm in the middle of the storm? I am so grateful for the practice, for how it teaches me to choose what deserves my efforts and engagement and what doesn’t. I am grateful for my teacher, Garth Hewitt for guiding me towards my strength and for showing me the way towards my wisdom.
— Sabrina Gramatica-Levi
I’m currently taking the 200hr teacher training... I’ve always appreciated your classes. But now that I’m studying the anatomy and learning more about the poses I wanted to share that I think your classes are one of the best ones. You always get us warmed up first and really break down the poses. I am so grateful. I truly believe that during the time I was regularly attending classes at yogis anonymous—and the fact that Garth was adjusting me and really breaking down the poses, especially the backbends...,etc.—is the reason I haven’t injured myself in my practice so far. Thank you so much for being a great teacher!!!
— Niya Chayko
I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank both of you for a beautiful week. I’ve been on many retreats, but this one was truly special — your complementary teachings, the energy of the group, the setting, the memorable (and challenging!) excursions — I just felt so at home and SAFE, and that was because of the space you created for us all.
— Anneli Werner
It’s been two weeks since I’ve returned from the heart-opening yoga retreat in Tulum with Daniel and Garth, and I’m still giddy with gratitude and joy from the delicious experience. The wonderful dynamic between the two master teachers was like catching divine yoga lightning in a bottle. From discussions on yogic philosophy, to challenging and expansive asana practices, to cultivating a warm comaradery for everyone in the group, Daniel and Garth truly live their yoga. They are the best kind of instructors in that they go beyond simply teaching by example, they teach from genuine passion and the heart.
— Aimee Mackovic
Always emphasizing proper form and breathing, connecting with every student, and focusing on different areas weekly, Garth’s challenging classes have taught me a lot about my mind, body, and overall well-being since beginning yoga with his practice three years ago. Garth’s classes are an athletic, cardio, and flexibility workout and have supplemented my tennis and high intensity interval training, where I have noticed a significant increase in core and lower stability, flexibility, and breath control. Flowing with Garth’s class at least once a week has enabled me to discover my weaknesses and release my overall stress and tension. Whether yoga is one’s core activity or a component of a balanced training regimen, I highly recommend Garth’s yoga practice.
— Scott Fujii
A real eye-opening, inspiring, enlightening, but most importantly, fun yoga experience for everyone to enjoy.
I haven’t practiced yoga in several years. Thank you, Garth, for being such a gifted and caring teacher, for reminding me how wonderful and peaceful yoga makes me feel. I already signed up for yoga classes back home!
— Zhanna L.
I felt as though I made a personal transformation during this retreat. The beauty of the location, the people and our practice together was most inspiring. I will treasure the experience always.
— Carol Seibold
This was my first yoga retreat. Something that I’ve wanted to do, and it was an amazing experience. Truly even better than I imagined. Garth is an amazing teacher, and you can tell how sincere he is, and how dedicated to his own practice...passing his energy along to others. I’m so appreciative. Met so many wonderful people, and I’m more dedicated to yoga now than ever. Thank you, Garth!
— R.L.
Garth’s yoga retreat was an awesome way to have a short vacation, while still working on your technique. I got to learn much more than class usually allows. Also nice to get away and truly get to go into yourself without daily distractions.
— Mayling
Relaxing, insightful, great for couples or friends — or even to make new friends!
— Z.L.
Great opportunity to share your love for yoga in a stunning setting with everyone and deepen your practice. Thanks Garth!
— Max
It was a magical beautiful place filled with beautiful people! I loved it.
— A.G.
I had a wonderful experience and the people and food were so loving. Would definitely come back. Very spiritual! Garth takes yoga to a very spiritual level. He helps you to connect to Divine Energy. Will definitely come to another retreat.
— Robin Steinberg
I came to this retreat with a large, negative business situation that was heavy on my heart. This experience helped me to peacefully process it and come to terms with an action plan to resolve it on my return. I also came away with more tools in my arsenal for relaxation, balance and peace. A wonderful experience.
— Anne Weidenweber
I joined this retreat not sure about what I would find, then I found joy, balance, community and myself.
— S.G.L.
Garth’s retreat to Ojai was an opportunity to connect with open-minded people, and go deep into our practices while in a safe, tranquil, and beautiful space.
— D.M.
The Ojai retreat was such a deep meaningful experience for our “mother/daughter” weekend getaway!
— BD
Garth is a wonderful, insightful, graceful teacher.
— D.A.
Garth attracts a beautifully eclectic group of yogis. Each person on this retreat was respectful, open minded and had welcoming and warm personalities.
— ND
Garth is incredibly knowledgable, his asana practice is challenging and his passion to teach other yoga practices is infectious. Incredible retreat!
— R.L.
Great group of people, practicing what we love to do — yoga, learning new things, enjoying good food together, being social and meeting new people.
— A.G.
Perfectly balanced 3 days with an amazing leader like Garth was just what I needed. I’m glad I took the time to focus on myself — Thank you so much for the experience!
— Suzanne Rispoli
This was my first retreat. I am normally not a group person so this was a gentle way to become part of a group. Also the philosophy concerning yoga was so helpful to a better understanding of yoga and myself. It definitely was a very worthwhile stay.
— D.K.
A much needed journey within. I feel rejuvenated and reconnected.
— Julia Plotkina
Garth’s classes have not only helped me improve my yoga practices, but also my relationships with others as well as myself. I love the spirituality and peace yoga brings to my life. Grateful for the knowledge and wisdom as well. Thank you!
— Niya
Since being introduced to Yoga by Garth, I have a deep appreciation for his knowledge and guidance. My practice has greatly benefited by attending his classes and retreats.
— Brian
Garth Hewitt is one of the most knowledgeable teachers, continuing to study with many of the yoga masters. He diligently passes on what he learns.
— Zvia
I’ve dabbled here and there with yoga, but I didn’t develop a consistent practice until I began practicing with Garth. His voice is even and encouraging and he teaches yoga in a challenging yet light hearted way. I’ve been practicing with him for about a year and I think he’s the best. I see improvement in my practice- I’m more flexible and more mentally focused too. Highly recommended.
— Christine C.
Simply put, Garth is a Master instructor of yoga. I have not experienced another instructor’s class that is as fulfilling and complete. His classes completely engage one’s body, spirit and mind. I am grateful to have been introduced to his classes.
— Anne W.
I’ve been practicing with Garth consistently for almost 5 months. Yoga never really appealed to me before, but since attending Garth’s classes, I have discovered something that I was lacking. For 75 minutes, I get to escape the stress in my life and focus on myself. I definitely feel challenged and although there are many poses I still cannot do, Garth is very skilled at teaching a class for all levels. I am learning proper form (what a difference that makes!) and continue to develop and gain more confidence each week. I also love how he incorporates meditation into the practice. Thanks to Garth, I am calmer, less stressed, and better able to handle challenges both on and off the mat. I feel an overwhelming sense of peace when I am finished. I have recommended him to many of my friends for both private and group sessions. If you catch yourself acting like a crazy person, have a stressful life, are trying to work around an injury, or just want some time to refocus on yourself and your personal goals, he is definitely your guy. Thank you, Garth!
— Tammy Trenta
Garth’s yoga retreat to Greece was a deeply transformative experience that allowed for both personal growth and community building. I left the retreat with a clearer sense of my goals and intentions, on yogic, personal, and professional levels. The benefits of Garth’s retreat continue to soak in weeks after it ended.
— Vanessa Diaz
Unexpected transformation!!!
— K.B.
Garth’s retreat to Aegialis Resort and Spa On Amorgos, in Greece was an unforgettable experience. It was an opportunity to experience the beauty of the island, meet local people, make new friends and learn more yoga philosophy, spend more time with various poses, and meditate daily — things we don’t have time to do in our busy daily lives.
— E.A.
Garth has helped my neck condition tremendously. Living with neck and arm pain can consume your entire thought process over a daily basis – and after two surgeries I thought I had NO where to go that could help me. Garth developed a personalized program of modified poses that I could do without pain, and take my progress step-by-step until I was feeling a lot better and not really thinking about my condition anymore. I thought that I could never again be involved in athletics but I was wrong! He is a miracle worker!
— Jennifer Rivard
Although I am not new to Yoga, today was my first time to Garth’s class - it was so awesome! He has a very unique style and approach which was refreshing and challenging - it was a great workout and I will become a regular to his class at Equinox WV! Thanks!
— Stephanie W.
I have taken many yoga classes throughout the years but never have made it to the same class/teacher more than a handful of times. I have been a regular to Garth’s classes for a little over 6 months now. Being a Massage Therapist I know how important taking care of your body is, as well as making time for yourself, so I committed to at least one day every week, and more if my schedule allows. Garth has a great flow, which is something I look for in a yoga teacher. To me, this makes it more than a “work out”, but also helps my mind get into a meditative state. Don’t get me wrong when I say “work out”, because you will sweat. (It is just that to me yoga is more than a good workout, that’s all :D) I think the thing that really got me hooked on Garth’s class, was the fact that I could actually start doing some of those crazy poses I’ve always wanted to accomplish. To take full binds and be able to hold them longer than a second. He takes the time to open your body and get it ready for the epic poses at the end. If you have the opportunity to learn from Garth - do it. You won’t regret it.
— Ashlee B.
Garth Hewitt is a shining star graduate of the Yoga therapy Rx program.
— Dr. Larry Payne
Co-Leading a teacher training with Garth was one of the highlights of the year for me! His breadth and depth of knowledge, clarity, intelligent sequencing and integrity blew me away! It is such a pleasure to be his student and colleague.
— Ashley Turner
Garth is a tried and true professional. He’s a fantastic yoga instructor and a dedicated practitioner. If you have the chance to check out his classes at Equinox, You will absolutely LOVE it! Namaste!
— Justin Rubin
Garth’s yoga retreat was so much more than just asana. I got to try new types of yoga practices, deepened my understanding of yoga philosophy, and learned about myself.
— Ben
Garth’s yoga retreat was a good example of how bright light attracts more bright light. My darkness vanished in the middle of all the bright light that surrounded me.
— Rafaela G.
I’ve been a fan of Garth’s since my earlier fitness days, taking his classes at the various Westside Equinox clubs over the last decade. Today, I’m still a fan, and have even committed to having him teach at the club whose classes I manage (Encino). To me, he’s what I consider “the real deal” and our members at Equinox Encino agree. They come to his class in droves week after week. I bet he’s also great with 1-on-1, can’t speak to it just because I haven’t tried it. 5 stars, all around.
— Delf Enriquez
The journey with Garth has been immensely beneficial to my body and mind. He is extremely dedicated and confident to teach what he loves.
First, I’ve never seen anyone move better than Garth, amazing physical skills. Another great quality of Garth is his energy, his presence commands attention and makes you feel welcome. He has the ability to push outside of our comfort zone, mentally and physically; the students know that he is watching and paying attention and he is in class to help your practice by adjusting your poses. He has a few well-timed jokes in class that can help everyone to relax with his natural sense of humor. In general, his classes make you a more efficient practitioner, taking your practice to another level. I am so grateful for Garth and highly recommend him!
— Flavia F.
I am a yoga teacher at a studio chain. When I take yoga classes for myself, Garth is on my A list. He is simply a top notch instructor for a variety of reasons. Garth is knowledgeable in the physical and spiritual practice of Yoga but most importantly he can communicate this to his students in such a way that is practical and free of “dogma” This really makes his classes feel authentic and more than just a “workout”. Another important aspect of Garth’s teaching style is that he can effectively teach mixed levels of students in the same class. There is an art to this style of teaching and Garth has certainly mastered it. His alignment cues are effective for all levels and this is where his knowledge of body mechanics shows. He can make the class challenging but accessible to all levels. Finally, Garth cares about his students. I know plenty of yoga teachers who are nice but never remember your name or what peak postures you are looking to improve upon. Garth interacts with his students in such as way that makes one feel welcome to his classes. Overall, I highly recommend that LA yogis and yoginis take a class from him.
— Jeff Rojas
As a former gymnast and dancer I appreciate Garth’s yoga methodology. In following his practice I am able to connect with my body in a way that is reminiscent of the sport and art forms which I have formerly studied. His classes are athletic and challenging, yet soulful without unattainable existentialism. Garth focuses on opening up different joints and muscle groups each week which seems to not over tax certain volatile areas of my body. In two weeks practicing yoga therapy in private lessons with Garth I have also noticed a significant decrease in lower back and psoas pain which has inhibited my involvement in other activities for well over a year.
— Nancy Cutler Dye
I just want to say, How incredibly lucky LA is to have Garth Hewitt! He is an amazing instructor! Making the beginner feel comfortable and the advanced feel challenged, Garth’s classes are inspirational and empowering! I am forever grateful to have such a kind hearted, conscience teacher as a part of my yoga journey. Garth makes it a priority to know each individual in his class and is always mindful of the ability of each student. He very graciously challenges each and every student to be fully present, challenging the individual to do what is right for them personally at that moment. He is precise with alignment and will help you grow/advance in perfect form. No matter what your physical ability is and how much Yoga you have or have not done, Garth will provide clear instructions making your class with him absolutely perfect!!! Aside from the Yoga Class, Garth brings creativity and community to the fellow yogis. From teaching yoga class in the park, coordinating incredible yoga retreats, answering emails and providing advice for personal ailments, etc, to stopping in the store and asking how you are; Garth has a warmth and a personal attentiveness that makes him a friend as well as a teacher you look forward to seeing and learning more from.
— Keli B.
Garth is one of the best living examples and teachers of yoga - he is great at teaching the poses but he really strives to emphasize the importance of the breathe and clearing the mind. He loves his work and it shows in each class that he teaches. I have to say that I find his classes to be quite challenging but definitely worth it as he pushes you to reach your maximum potential. He is extremely friendly, warm, welcoming, and I really appreciate that he makes an effort to create a personal connection.
— Soroush Z.
Pregnancy is not always that “glowing” experience depicted on the covers of glossy magazines. The changes you go through are often uncomfortable and frustrating. Continuing my yoga practice with Garth helped me work through the discomfort. Although some days it was difficult to get moving, I always felt better after class. I was able to practice, with modifications suggested by Garth, up until the week I delivered. This helped me keep my strength up for my 36 hours of unmedicated labor. The nurses were all very impressed at how calmly I handled my back to back contractions lasting 5 minutes at a time. The breathing exercises they teach in prenatal classes did not help me at all. Instead I went back to my yoga breath to bring courage back into my mind. I credit my physical strength from a strong yoga practice for how quickly my body recovered from the surgery. I truly believe that the yoga practice I learned from Garth helped me through those tough times.
— Dorothea Cain
An Authentic Yoga Experience! With so many yoga options it’s hard to find a class that’s not only well planned but is also taught well. Garth is knowledgeable, dedicated and creative! His classes are filled with regulars and his style is consistent and uniquely him. Luckily for Angelenos his classes range in location! Enjoy a strong flow and a well earned “Namaste”
— Logan
Although originally reluctant to try yoga therapy, I now know it is the best choice to help me with my shoulder injury. I saw great improvement right after my first session with Garth. Before that, driving 10 mins to work was very painful. The day Garth showed me my program, I was able to drive for 2 hours without pain. Overall, my daily life went back to normal very quickly after I began practicing my program. It has also helped me uncover daily habits that were contributing to my injury outside of yoga. Besides helping me heal, yoga therapy is strengthening my practice. Now I know how to use my muscles more efficiently to prevent future injury. I also now have personalized exercises I can go to anytime I’m unable to do certain poses during class while I am still healing. Thanks Garth!
— Mayling Gonzalez
If you take Yoga with Garth, you know you are in good hands. He teaches Yoga properly. His classes are safe and intelligent. Garth knows his stuff. You can clearly see his commitment and dedication to this ancient practice and on top of that he is honest, loving and fun individual to be around. I recommend his classes to all of my friends.
— Szymon W.
Garth is an incredible instructor! His upbeat attitude and detailed yoga knowledge make his classes stand out! Be sure and arrive early, if you have a favorite spot, his popular classes are often crowded.
— Angela James
Warm & wonderful teacher. GREAT instruction for Beginners & Advanced yogis alike with a focus on correct alignment. Garth has applied many years studying with the best yoga masters in the country & brings all this experience & compassion to his students. His classes are fun, joyful & meant to challenge your abilities - wherever you are at in your practice. He not only offers classes all over town but also offers individual private instruction. Just let him know what your yoga goals are & Garth will offer you excellent instruction in getting there. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
— Tammy Cheek
I’ve been taking classes with Garth pretty consistently at Equinox over the last few years. I have also taken a few of his classes at yogis anonymous which have been great as well. What has kept me returning to Garth’s classes is that I learn something new every week. He really takes the time to teach his students. This seems simple but hasn’t been the case for me with all teachers. I would say that his classes are pretty challenging! But he breaks it down, piece by piece so that you can build on the pieces and it’s also approachable for different levels. This makes it easy to grow with him! In a class with Garth, you’ll work on your physical self and your emotional and mental. You’ll learn to take your yoga practice off the mat and apply it to your every day life. There are also tons of physical benefits. I would highly recommend to take one of Garth’s classes if you have the opportunity to do so!
— Julianne Davey
Love Garth! He just gets it. He’s a great for new yogis, skilled yogis and all in between. Garth emphasizes on correcting form while connecting with your light within. Garth is one of the best in town!
— Cliff B.
What can I possibly say about Garth that hasn’t already been shared? He’s wonderful...I have been a practicing Movement Specialist and Pilates Instructor for over half a decade - I am on the Faculty for Balanced Body Pilates and a Mentor for Polestar Pilates Education, and have been doing some sort of movement or sport (yoga, Pilates, weight training, spin, snowboarding, etc) for as long as I can remember. - but enough about me establishing my credibility...Back to Garth...Yoga is a practice - it does not matter if it’s your first class, or your 5000th. It is always a challenge - it is always different - it is never perfection, but it can be an amazing journey if you let it. There is a fine balance between ease and effort that results in grace that is the space that all truly efficient movement lives. Mobility with strength - integrity of movement is the goal. Garth not only has an amazing self practice that embodies this grace, but encourages this in all his students - regardless of the level. Granted, yoga is not for the faint of heart - and neither is Garth. He will challenge you physically as well as emotionally - and remind you constantly that it is your choice on how to honor yourself best in that moment. Yes, you will get stronger and more flexible in your physical body if you practice with Garth. However, what I appreciate more is the strength and flexibility that he cultivates in the rest of ones being - the mental and emotional bodies, to be precise. Garth encourages you to grow as a whole being. He nurtures the willingness to go within, to know oneself and to accept what is there - to acknowledge where one is in the NOW - one’s abilities and limitations, to recognize the need for challenge and also the important need of surrender. But back to some technical things - His cues are clear and direct. His rhythm and voice quality is both soothing, and steadying but yet easy to pay attention to and follow. His flow is a good mix of the basics, and a few challenging poses (with modifications for every type of body in the room). He works on isometric strength as well as fluidity, coordination and balance, overall alignment and integrity of movement. He oftentimes has a theme - and although he sticks to that theme throughout the class, does not leave out the rest of the body’s needs and always brings it back to the whole mind-body connection experience. So what can I say about Garth? All I can truly say is that I’m blessed to have his light in my journey.
— Ellena Wong
I took Garth’s class at Equinox, and he’s one of the few “real” yoga teachers out there. Meaning, his class is not an acrobat contest. He discuss yogic philosophy, breathwork and the importance of incorporating what you learn on the mat into life. I highly recommend Garth as a teacher and someone who embodies what he teaches.
— Light Watkins
Not only is Garth a genuinely kind person, but he is an amazing yoga teacher. He knows his stuff!! If you are looking to clear your mind and body, take his class! Highly recommend
— Monette Moio
Garth has been in the yoga game for a long time. He has an amazing practice and is also an amazing teacher. My second yoga class ever was with Garth at the yoga loft in Manhattan beach. He has showed me things that I was never able to do with my own body. But yoga is not all about the physical practice. Garth has showed me how to stay very grounded on the mental side of my yoga practice. If you ever have the chance to take his class or get a private with him please, you will love it!!!
— Harold Gim
Garth is an honest, engaging presenter who has a true passion for communicating the spirit of yoga with the highest of intentions.
— Alanna Kaivalya
Garth is simply the best. I actually started my yoga practice with Garth and was dropped in the deep end quickly. Garth had patience with me as I learned the fundamental skills of yoga, and then took them oh so far beyond. Garth has such a beautiful practice himself it’s hard not to be inspired by him, and to aspire to be like him. I’ve since moved out of California, but visit him every time I go back. As I’ve told him I feel that though I haven’t found another teacher quite like him I feel that his teachings stay with me and help me have my best practice no matter where I go. I certainly miss Garth’s classes, and if I were anywhere near them now you would find me a regular attendee. I highly recommend Garth and his amazing yoga classes!
— Kelly B.
He is one of the best yoga teacher in town. I always learn something new from him and feel so inspired and centered after taking his class. If you are an equinox member, you have to try his class at Westwood, Santa Monica or other locations. I believe he teachers outside of equinox as well.
— Hiroko A.
Garth Hewitt is one of my favorite yoga teachers! He is very patient, perceptive, and articulate with his students in his classes. The adjustments and corrections that he has given me in certain asanas have helped cultivate my practice and learn how to correctly align my body to avoid repetitive stress injuries over time. I am so grateful for Garth and highly recommend him!
— Jennifer Alonzo
Garth is a serious student of yoga. He knows his anatomy and biomechanics which is rare to find amongst the hundreds of yoga teachers in LA. So that means you can expect a safe and strong class. He also knows how to structure a class so you leave the class feeling amazing. Do yourself a favor if you are a member of Equinox and go check out one of Garth’s classes.
— Dr. Jeremy Brook
Garth is an excellent yoga teacher. Having filled in teaching his classes over the years at various Southern California Equinox clubs I can say first hand that his students are dedicated and hard working yogi’s. Garth is the real deal, he walks his talk and is a devoted yogi himself. A wonderful teacher for beginners and long time practitioners both.
— Michelle Goldstein
I stumbled into Garth’s class about 6 years ago after being skeptical that yoga could be a workout. I was amazed with that first class and have been going to his classes ever since. I was shocked at what an amazing workout his class was and also by the mental release yoga provides. I go to lots of different teachers but I can honestly say that I learned the foundation of yoga from him and ways to not hurt myself. He has a great teaching style- I’m rarely confused in his class. His instructions are very clear and he walks you through each pose down to the tiniest little muscle you never knew you had. I like very challenging classes but even a beginner will benefit from Garth’s class. That was me one day! Check his class out!!!
— Alissa M.
I started practicing yoga regularly about 3 years ago and it has helped me in every aspect of my life. Garth class was one of the first ones I tried, and I haven’t stopped ever since. His energy and dedication to his students is wonderful. I look forward to his classes every week.
— Nancy S.
I wandered into one of Garth’s classes at the Equinox near me, trying a yoga class for the first time, without much of an idea as to what I was doing. I hoped for, at best, a new workout and marginal improvements in flexibility, and entered with a heavy dose of skepticism towards the practice of which I knew nothing about. I look at that class as one of the first days of a newly awakened life. I felt comfortable and welcomed as a complete beginner, and as I’ve progressed over the last few years, his classes continues to be a foundation of my practice and will always be important to me. I could speak volumes of the way his teachings have helped me in terms of the directly physical things I felt (improving my functional strength, improved flexibility, reduced anxiety) as well as the other benefits I never would have imagined, such as feeling more connected to myself, everyone else in the class and generally feeling significantly more calm and mellow pretty much all of the time. I even later attended his retreat in Costa Rica in 2013, and had an incredible experience. On this retreat, I felt incredibly connected to the practice, to the fellow attendees, to myself, and the universe in general. I now have a yoga teacher training of my own coming up soon, and I never would have imagined going down this road if I hadn’t wandered into Garth’s class so many years ago.
— Todd Griffiths
I’ve studied yoga in many different cities for almost 10 years now, and I have never once encountered another instructor like Garth. Prior to working with Garth, as a relatively strong athletic male, I had always found myself treating yoga as more of a “warmup” than an actual workout. Garth is the only instructor I’ve ever had who can challenge me in such a way that my yoga practice is most definitely my workout for the day. What makes Garth such a great instructor is how he accomplishes creating a challenging class: by giving incredibly specific verbal cues (using surprisingly few words), Garth enables me to challenge myself in my practice... by taking myself as far into the fire as my mind and body are willing/capable of going. In other words: Garth is not an instructor who creates a challenging class simply by getting up in front of the group and doing seemingly-impossible poses and then telling us we should try them. He creates a challenging class by teaching his students how to build the peak poses part-by-part (progressing at your own pace) by first mastering the foundations of the pose, and gradually challenging yourself to grow from there... all the while, listening intently to your body... letting the ego fall out of your practice by not making your practice about how well you “should” be doing, but instead simply accepting your practice for where it is right now, and honoring your body for that. Then, when the time is right, he encourages you to take the leap of faith (handstands, anyone?), trust in all the work you’ve done foundationally, keep your focus, and *poof* usually surprise yourself with how quickly you developed from Child’s Pose to Downward Dog to Plank to Crane to Tripod Headstands to Handstands against the wall (this is where I’m at in my practice)... to one day just popping up into a Handstand (almost there, my arm balance is coming along). Bottom line: if you’re looking for an instructor who will challenge you to challenge yourself in your practice, you can’t find anyone better. Garth will teach you how to master the basics and then how to safely progress your practice from there... applying that very mastery of the fundamentals. NBA basketball players are very very good at the fundamentals of the game, and when we watch them perform at their peak level, we are watching the result of hours and hours of practice on the fundamentals... plus a few challenging modifiers added in. And that’s exactly what Garth’s training is about. Master the fundamentals, practice those fundamentals in every breath of every pose, and then allow yourself to grow and expand in your practice from there. Garth’s class is most accessible to Strong Beginner, All Intermediate and All Advanced yogis. Brand-New-Beginners can learn a lot from Garth as well, but they must be aware that if they’ve never experienced yoga before, it can be discouraging when you get into a Vinyasa Flow class for the first time and find everyone moving/flowing through poses you’ve never even experienced before. So make sure you check your ego at the door and remind yourself throughout class: we were all beginners at one point, and every one of us in class is always learning something new. That’s why they call it yoga practice :)
— Tony Cuviello
I now know what people mean when they say a teacher training is a life changing experience. Garth’s dedication to the practice and his commitment to his students is inspiring and made the PURE Teacher Training an unforgettable “adventure” on our yoga journey.
— Martin Meidl
The program gave more opportunities to hone one’s teaching skills than any other I’m aware of. It eased us nicely into the process, beginning with learning how to teach a single pose or action in the early weeks and climaxing with a full 75-minute practice class in the final weekend. After going through the training I feel fully prepared to lead classes safely and effectively.
— Subir
Life Changing best describes the Pure Yoga / Equinox Teacher Training with Garth Hewitt and Ashley Turner. The Teachers are the backbone of the training and hold the space for the students growth. You walk into class strangers and leave with true friends who shared a special journey that deepened their love, commitment and passion for Yoga. If you are ready for huge life shifts, commit 10 weekends of your life to this training. Commit 10 weekends and you will have this for life.
— Karen
My teacher training with Garth Hewitt was inspiring in so many aspects of my life! I was inspired to teach others and delved deeper into my own personal practice. It was an incredible experience and I am grateful to learn from a teacher so passionate about yoga and the devotion he has for his students! Garth you are the best! You kept us going and taught us so much! I am so grateful to learn from you. Thank you for all you do!
— Greta Casino
The Pure Yoga teacher training is a powerful program, where discovering my inner light that guides my way, gain an incredible wealth of knowledge and techniques. I was in the company of like-minded students who became friends for life. I have found a place where I am in my element. The harmony we created was a unique experience to me. All the teachings inspired me in a way I never realized was possible. Pure Yoga teacher training breaks down the “nuts and bolts” of body movement, improving awareness, relaxation, and proper breathing techniques which enabled me to help my students learn and understand their body structure. By adding yoga to my spinning class, the students benefited from cycling specific yoga poses that helped with stretching, extending muscles, releasing tension, deepening their breath and improving their posture. A focus on the practice of yoga poses and alignment techniques aided my students in gaining strength, balance and flexibility. With proper breathing technique my students are more in tune with their breath and aerobic capacity. This provides relaxation before and after the exercises. In addition, my students get the benefits of both yoga and the calorie burn of a cycling class. The students end up with a great detox workout! The main goal of the routine is relaxation paired with a full body workout. Garth’s teaching is amazing. In a short time period, I am able to do things I never though possible. He assisted me with both my physical and mental hindrances. He gave instructions that are so specific that even I could grasp. I understood what part of the body needed to shift to achieve the right posture. I live it. Garth challenged me physically and mentally and assisted me with changing my outlook/attitude towards what is possible and what I am capable of. He has enabled me to reach beyond what I presumed to be my physical limits.... thank you for a great yoga. Garth and Ashley are both great teachers. Although their individual methodology differs they complement each other well. They provide an in-depth yoga teacher training experience. This has been an unforgettable experience leading to an opportunity to grow further.
— Nui Kaessman
The Pure Yoga TT Program is not your run of the mill Yoga 101. It prepared me to teach yoga and played as a stepping stone in my personal life. I came to this program to learn about yoga and left with a wealth of knowledge, new friends, and a community. To me actions speak louder than words and Garth practices what he preaches. He is an amazing instructor and I’ve learned so much from his teachings. We really covered all the bases from philosophy to meditation to alignment. Who knew I was doing Down-dog wrong for 3 1/2 years???!! The program is demanding but it was just the kick I needed to further me along as a teacher and an individual.
— Mercedes
Garth’s attention to detail has taught me more about having the correct form than I was aware of before. His vigorous flow classes are very refreshing.
— Caroline Neville
Garth is truly a gift to any student who walks into his studio. He inspires and connects with each and every individual with encouragement and acceptance which allows them to reach their individual true potential. Garth Rocks!
— Stephanie Vitorino
Garth is one of those rare, really special instructors—right off the “A” list!
— Robin Horsfield
Garth does an awesome job and I love his classes! I think that his classes are hard but rewarding and I love how he takes the time to teach his students (me) how to do the poses the right way.
— Jessica
Garth’s classes allow the student to deconstruct the various layers that make up each of the asanas and rebuild them to achieve the proper posture with a much better understanding of the how’s and why’s. Garth provides for a great learning, challenging, and guiding environment for those wanting to take their practice to the next level.
— Ray F.
Thank-you, Garth. Your passion for teaching is an inspiration!
— Char
Thank you for a great workshop. It really helped me to have a deeper understanding of my yoga practice and no more knee pain!
— Jill
Of all the teachers I’ve had, I enjoy your style best. You’re specific in your instruction, offer coaching when need be and you demonstrate the poses.
— Gwen Davis
Thanks for the workshop!!!. Very much enjoyed and learned from it.
— Jon
By breaking down my individual yoga poses and expertly pointing out slight nuances, Garth showed me how to make small corrections that worked muscles I hadn’t been properly using during my previous 6 years in those poses! In just a few hours, he really allowed me to take my yoga practice to the next level.
— Erica Lepping
I appreciate what Garth brings to my practice - it comes from a holistic perspective (it’s more than the actual pose it’s spiritual as well). Garth has a way to connect with each and everyone of us.
— B.A.
Gracias! An invaluable learning experience! Garth’s instructions maximize my yoga experience.
— Tom Thomas
For a yoga novice, Garth was able to make his class accessible, fun and a real workout! I have increased my strength, flexibility and tone and have become a Yogi-convert.
— Kierston Robinson
I am still finding new insights into my practice from Garth’s explicit direction even though I have been practicing yoga for seven years and completed two teacher trainings.
— Carol Tripodo
Garth is a patient teacher and his classes are fun and energizing!
— Dr. Mel Mendelson
Garth really takes the time during class to help me understand the mental and physical benefits of yoga. After working with him for about three months, I feel more self-aware, physically fit, and happy. His class is addictive — if I don’t go for a week I just don’t feel as good!
— Natalie Neiman
Garth’s passion for the practice of yoga complements his commitment to high-quality teaching. His classes are challenging, yet fun, encouraging students to get the most out of each pose, while maintaining an awareness of breath and proper alignment. Indeed, a truly enjoyable and invigorating learning experience!
— Nicole
Garth’s classes are amazing. I get a great workout every time. He really understands the postures and cares very much for his students.
— F.F.
Garth’s approach has improved my practice tremendously. His focus on slowing down and carefully examining nuances of form and posture is challenging both mentally and physically. Not only has my “exercise” been maintained (and then some) but my “practice” is improving as I continue to focus deliberately on various aspects of each pose.
— Chip Morgan
I really feel as though I have advanced quickly with Garth’s encouragement through the poses. He is a natural teacher!
— Ceara
I have many years experience with Yoga and trying new teachers. I am very selective. I am very pleased with Garth’s ability to be accessible to the beginner and the more experienced Yogi.
— Carenna Wilmont
Physical nutrition for your mind, body and soul! A delicious experience!
— Star
Garth cares a lot about sharing his yoga gift.
— Martin
I’d been wanting to start a yoga practice for quite some time, when I stumbled upon Garth Hewitt’s class. His class has been an extraordinary gift in my life, and has already made a big impact on how good I feel day-to-day. Unlike any instructor I’ve practiced with since, Garth’s instruction is purposeful, fun, and challenging (in the right ways). Thanks, Garth, for providing the opportunity to start a life-long practice!
I loved Garth’s challenging class(es), Can’t wait to return to Santa Monica to enjoy first rate yoga teaching pared with his considerable charm and charisma again. I stepped out of class in total bliss and carried a smile on my face for the rest of the day.
— Caroline Kusser
Garth Hewitt’s class has been a great addition to my yoga class schedule. Ever-patient and encouraging he knows how to further your practice whether you just started yoga yesterday or have been practicing for years!!
— Erin Tylski
I look forward to Garth’s class all week long. Garth holds the poses long enough to increase strength and flexibility but not so long that I get bored and it hurts.
— Natasha Blasick
This is a wonderful class for everyone regardless of your age, conditioning, or yoga experience. If you want to get back to the basics, extend your life and develop your core strength this yoga experience is something you should not miss. I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years and now I am just now really beginning to understand the joy of my practice. Don’ t miss this opportunity to reconnect with your inner spirit.
— Paul Palo
Garth’s class is a class to remember. It helped me to focus on the positive rather than the negative and just ‘breathe’!
— Francesca Nina O'Keefe
He is a natural teacher who has found an avenue of healing that not only brings peace of mind, but keeps me in shape too!
— Emilee Wilson
Garth lives his yoga. Everything becomes clearer after his class
— N.S.
I love Garth’s Yoga class. I was so relaxed when I finished. Garth is very attentive in his teachings. He gives suggestions on how to make a pose either less challenging for the beginners or more challenging for the advanced students and makes it very comfortable for us to go at our own pace. The class is always flowing and very challenging.
— Casey Krebs
Garth is a spiritual and grounded instructor who inspires us to get the most out of our practice while maintaining a playful and relaxed atmosphere in his class.
— J.I.M.
Garth takes a genuine interest in his students. And his energy and enthusiasm make him an inspiring teacher.
— Jamie Zimmer
It’s relaxing as well as spiritual.
— Sean Mackey