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Shanghai Yoga Festival at Y-Plus Yoga

Garth will be returning to the Shanghai Yoga Festival to teach alongside leading yoga teachers and presenters from China and around the world.  Garth will be leading 5 workshops at the festival over the course of three days. 

Integrated Dharma Yoga:
This workshop master class will be a strong IntegratedDharmaYoga practice with elements of asana, pranayama, cleansing and meditation.  There will be plenty of advanced transitions and options as well as variations for beginners and those with physical challenges.  This is an all levels master class.  Some yoga experience is recommended, though.

An exploration of inversions from the ground up.  This workshop will break down the alignment in the inversions; head balance, shoulder stand, handstand and the forearm balance.  Students will learn how the body creates stability by using opposing actions, how to use the core to stabilize the low back and how the muscles of the shoulder girdle work both with and against each other to provide a foundation for a healthy inversion practice. 

Arm Balances:
Balancing on the arms is not just about brute strength.  This workshop will help students to understand the actions used in each pose, key muscles involved in achieving balance on the arms and how proper alignment affects the center of gravity, making gravity either a friend or foe.  Preparation poses for those not ready to balance on their arms yet will also be explored. 

Integrated Breathing:
This workshop will explore different pranayama techniques and breathing preparation exercises.  Students will learn how to do the breath of fire, skull shining breath, alternate nostril skull shining breath, alternate nostril breathing, sun, moon, holding breathing and positive breathing.  Several preparation techniques and cooling breathing techniques will also be covered.  Students will have the opportunity to explore a full seated practice.

Integrated Meditation:
This workshop will explore different meditation techniques.  Students will learn the tools to establish a daily seated meditation practice.  We will explore concentration techniques to sharpen the mind and train the mind to concentrate.  Meditation on various objects will be explored, moving from the gross, physical world towards the subtle body and finally students will explore a seedless meditation, meditation without object.