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Pranayama -- Life Force Energy: Exploring the Breath! -- GODA Yoga in Culver City

Pranayama:  Life Force Energy – Exploring the Breath

Prana means life force.  Yama means control.  Ayama means expansion or without control.  Pranayama is therefore the practice of controlling and expanding the life force energy.  What does this mean, though?  Find out as we explore in this workshop; the importance of the breath in yoga, the anatomy of breathing, and the philosophy behind pranayama and the pranayama practices.  Students will learn basic breathing techniques as well as more traditional pranayama practices.  There will be plenty of time for practice and exploration of each technique.

Sunday, February 19th - 2-5pm

$45 in Advance
$50 at the Door


9711 Washington Blvd
Culver City CA 90232