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YONION FESTIVAL! Join Garth Hewitt and other International Presenters at the Yonion Festival in Xiamen: April

Join Garth Hewitt for several Shiva Power® classes at this year’s Yonion Festival in Xiamen, China.

SHIVA POWER® Master Class:

Setting intentions and practicing gratitude, students move through a challenging and balanced flow, with an emphasis on concentration and surrendering into the fire, in order to achieve a state of balance, let go of attachment to the ego, quiet the mind, and work towards Self-realization.

This class will conclude with an extended final rest and seated meditation. Advanced variations will be taught for advanced students, and modifications will be offered for beginners. 

Yonion Festival

Garth will be joining other International Presenters such as Dice Iida-Klein, Tymi Howard and others. Yonion Festival is one of the largest and most popular yoga festivals in China.