Well rounded program, meditation, philosophy, and great asana practice! Thank you.
— A.C.
The retreat was a rich opportunity to go inward and recharge and then open to the world again. There were many ways I experienced growth and felt nourished. The deep yoga practices on the retreat helped me reconnect with my Self.
— S.L.
Loved the program! The asanas were broken down and no pressure if you couldn’t do the pose. There were muscles I didn’t think I had. Enjoyed the meditation techniques. The process of concentration and meditation was explained thoroughly and this really helped me during my practice.
— J.F.
What a great way to connect with yourself, and also to connect with people with a healthy common interest. Loved the wine tasting, the philosophy discussions, lectures, the cooking class, and especially the deep stretching.
— Nancy Alpert
I enjoyed the retreat very much! I came to find that beautiful place within myself. The yoga and meditation helped me get closer to my goal. Thank you for organizing such a great retreat!
— Masha
My big breakthroughs on this retreat were doing the Camel pose and Inversions for the first time. I experienced some real yoga, beyond just the “warm up”!
— John Hughes
Awesome program with beautiful people. Yoga program was so helpful to deepen my knowledge and my yoga journey!
— Rumiko Hughes
The yoga retreat allowed me to explore and deepen my practice much more than a regular class would be able to offer. In addition to that it was wonderful to meet all the other yoga practitioners!
— Kateryna R.
Great retreat! Learned a lot. Beautiful peaceful place. Great accommodations! I would definitely go on a yoga retreat like this again.
— Marina Baskin
I really enjoyed the retreat! I learned a lot about the practice of yoga, not just the physical aspects but also the philosophical aspects and yoga history. I gained a deeper understanding of the meaning of yoga and my own experience of it.
— D.N.
Amazing experience, well organized program and excursions, delicious food, friendly staff, with great accommodations. The yoga program was well balanced with Asana practice, philosophy, and meditation.
— A.C.
What a great experience with an amazing group of yogis. Garth is a gem!
The Bliss in Bali Yoga Retreat was an awesome blend of nature, Yoga, and the spirit of happiness!
— Calin
The retreat in the Galapagos Islands with Garth had direction and was spotted with a number of special events in addition to the incredible excursions exploring the islands: Opening and closing ceremonies, a cleansing ceremony, and a variety of learning, from the correct ‘right angle’ chatturanga, to breathing and meditation exercises. And, my favourite, the philosophy. It was exactly what I would hope from a retreat, both the fun, the informative, the spiritual and the physical. And, in Garth I found a new friend and teacher. Thank you, Garth, and thank you to the group for accepting me into your intimate circle. This was an experience I will never forget, and look forward to repeating it in the not too distant future!
— Robert Grimstone
The Galapagos Yoga Retreat had consistently outstanding classes with an excellent balance across seven days of amazing yoga.
— Olivier
The Galapagos Yoga Retreat was an unbelievable experience: organization, hospitality, accommodations, daily trips, yoga classes, wildlife animals and a wonderful, cohesive, friendly group of participants!
— Jaro S.
The Galapagos Yoga Retreat: Excellent yoga instruction & experience. A perfect combination of yoga & adventure.
— Ann D.
Garth’s Galapagos Yoga Retreat was an amazing experience. I’ve been on lots of yoga retreats around the world, and this one was truly special. I was new to Garth and loved his classes, his teachings, the asanas, the variety of techniques including meditation, pranayama, and yoga nidra. But what made this retreat unique was off the mat — Garth had a very special, unifying way of bringing the group together. Sharing the excitement and joy of all the cool things Galapagos has to offer with Garth and the yoga group made for the most wonderful week. I would most definitely recommend retreating with Garth. You will grow in your yoga practice, while experiencing a sense of community and family. Thank you Garth!
— April Hawthorne
I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for a beautiful week. I’ve been on many retreats, but this one was truly special — your complementary teachings, the energy of the group, the setting, the memorable (and challenging!) excursions — I just felt so at home and SAFE, and that was because of the space you created for us all.
— Anneli Werner
It’s been two weeks since I’ve returned from the heart-opening yoga retreat in Tulum with Daniel and Garth, and I’m still giddy with gratitude and joy from the delicious experience. The wonderful dynamic between the two master teachers was like catching divine yoga lightning in a bottle. From discussions on yogic philosophy, to challenging and expansive asana practices, to cultivating a warm comaradery for everyone in the group, Daniel and Garth truly live their yoga. They are the best kind of instructors in that they go beyond simply teaching by example, they teach from genuine passion and the heart.
— Aimee Mackovic
Perfectly balanced days with an amazing leader like Garth was just what I needed. I’m glad I took the time to focus on myself — Thank you so much for the experience!
— Suzanne Rispoli
Garth’s retreat to Ojai was an opportunity to connect with open-minded people, and go deep into our practices while in a safe, tranquil, and beautiful space.
— D.M.
This was my first retreat. I am normally not a group person so this was a gentle way to become part of a group. Also the philosophy concerning yoga was so helpful to a better understanding of yoga and myself. It definitely was a very worthwhile stay.
— D.K.
A much needed journey within. I feel rejuvenated and reconnected.
— Julia Plotkina
The Ojai retreat was such a deep meaningful experience for our “mother/daughter” weekend getaway!
— B.D.
I felt as though I made a personal transformation during this retreat. The beauty of the location, the people and our practice together was most inspiring. I will treasure the experience always.
— Carol Seibold
Garth’s yoga retreat to Greece was a deeply transformative experience that allowed for both personal growth and community building. I left the retreat with a clearer sense of my goals and intentions, on yogic, personal, and professional levels. The benefits of Garth’s retreat continue to soak in weeks after it ended.
— Vanessa Diaz
Garth’s retreat to Aegialis Resort and Spa On Amorgos, in Greece was an unforgettable experience. It was an opportunity to experience the beauty of the island, meet local people, make new friends and learn more yoga philosophy, spend more time with various poses, and meditate daily — things we don’t have time to do in our busy daily lives.
— E.A.
Garth’s yoga retreat in Greece was so much more than just asana. I got to try new types of yoga practices, deepened my understanding of yoga philosophy, and learned about myself.
— Ben
Garth’s yoga retreat was a good example of how bright light attracts more bright light. My darkness vanished in the middle of all the bright light that surrounded me.
— Rafaela G.
I attended Garth’s retreat in Costa Rica and had an incredible experience. On this retreat, I felt incredibly connected to the practice, to the fellow attendees, to myself, and the universe in general.
— Todd Griffiths
This was my first yoga retreat. Something that I’ve wanted to do, and it was an amazing experience. Truly even better than I imagined. Garth is an amazing teacher, and you can tell how sincere he is, and how dedicated to his own practice...passing his energy along to others. I’m so appreciative. Met so many wonderful people, and I’m more dedicated to yoga now than ever. Thank you, Garth!
— R.L.
Garth’s yoga retreat was an awesome way to have a short vacation, while still working on your technique. I got to learn much more than class usually allows. Also nice to get away and truly get to go into yourself without daily distractions.
— Mayling
Relaxing, insightful, great for couples or friends — or even to make new friends!
— Z.L.
Great opportunity to share your love for yoga in a stunning setting with everyone and deepen your practice. Thanks Garth!
— Max
It was a magical beautiful place filled with beautiful people! I loved it.
— A.G.
I had a wonderful experience and the people and food were so loving. Would definitely come back. Very spiritual! Garth takes yoga to a very spiritual level. He helps you to connect to Divine Energy. Will definitely come to another retreat
— Robin Steinberg
I came to this retreat with a large, negative business situation that was heavy on my heart. This experience helped me to peacefully process it and come to terms with an action plan to resolve it on my return. I also came away with more tools in my arsenal for relaxation, balance and peace. A wonderful experience.
— Anne Weidenweber
I joined this retreat not sure about what I would find, then I found joy, balance, community and myself.
— S.G.L.
Garth attracts a beautifully eclectic group of yogis. Each person on this retreat was respectful, open minded and had welcoming and warm personalities.
— N.D.
Garth is incredibly knowledgable, his asana practice is challenging and his passion to teach other yoga practices is infectious. Incredible retreat!
— R.L.
Great group of people, practicing what we love to do — yoga, learning new things, enjoying good food together, being social and meeting new people.
— A.G.