Even though the class- session of my teacher training with Garth Hewitt was completed months ago, I am still reaping the benefits of this experience and I believe what I learned will keep making a difference in my life on and off the yoga mat.

Initially, I registered myself in this training mostly to improve my personal asana practice. Garth’s Hanuman Yoga teacher training gave me so much more. Garth is very committed to share what his teachers have passed on to him while honoring them and honoring the practice. He has extensive knowledge of the different philosophical schools of thought that forged the yogic landscape throughout the centuries until this very day, and he is very adept at illustrating and simplifying complex ideologies for the most concrete thinker.
In this training, I have been able to find and maintain a connection between my personal asana practice and the ethical guidelines that have been followed by yogis since the beginning of the practice; I have started a meditation practice; I have incorporated the teaching of the Sutras into my personal life and I am consequentially experiencing a shift in my social and personal dynamics; I have acquired knowledge of anatomy that I find now essential for a safe and focused physical practice. Most importantly, I have found that this training has taught me just how much there is to know and how fortunate I am as a student to be guided in my journey by such a knowledgeable and trustworthy teacher. This training has presented new possibilities for me, as I am now contemplating on the possibility to continue my education and eventually become a teacher one day. I would recommend this training to anyone who is serious about their practice, whether the intention is to become a teacher or not.
— Sabrina G. Levi
I came to this program to learn about yoga and left with a wealth of knowledge, new friends, and a community. To me actions speak louder than words and Garth practices what he preaches. He is an amazing instructor and I’ve learned so much from his teachings. We really covered all the bases from philosophy to meditation to alignment. Who knew I was doing Down-dog wrong for 3 1/2 years???!! The program is demanding but it was just the kick I needed to further me along as a teacher and an individual.
— Mercedes
Garth’s teaching is amazing. In a short time period, I am able to do things I never though possible. He assisted me with both my physical and mental hindrances. He gave instructions that are so specific that even I could grasp. I understood what part of the body needed to shift to achieve the right posture. I live it! Garth challenged me physically and mentally and assisted me with changing my outlook/attitude towards what is possible and what I am capable of. He has enabled me to reach beyond what I presumed to be my physical limits.... thank you for an in-depth yoga teacher training experience. This has been an unforgettable experience leading to an opportunity to grow further.
— Nui Kaessman
My teacher training with Garth Hewitt was inspiring in so many aspects of my life! I was inspired to teach others and delved deeper into my own personal practice. It was an incredible experience and I am grateful to learn from a teacher so passionate about yoga and the devotion he has for his students! Garth you are the best! You kept us going and taught us so much! I am so grateful to learn from you. Thank you for all you do!
— Greta Casino
Life Changing best describes the Teacher Training with Garth Hewitt. You walk into class strangers and leave with true friends who shared a special journey that deepened their love, commitment and passion for Yoga. If you are ready for huge life shifts, commit to this training. You will have this for life.
— Karen
I now know what people mean when they say a teacher training is a life changing experience. Garth’s dedication to the practice and his commitment to his students is inspiring and made the Teacher Training an unforgettable “adventure” on our yoga journey.
— Martin Meidl