I feel really inspired. I want to keep going and deepen my practice. Concentrate, and let go of the old patterns. Let your inner light shine through.
— Chen Chen
Garth helped me turn on the switch in my body. I feel endless energy.
— Millet
Thank you, Garth. For helping me find the true path of yoga.
— Jessie
As a beginner, it was so important for me to find the correct way to practice yoga. Very grateful!
— Cheryl
Listen. Be present. Everything will come after you put in the hard work.
— Snow
So grateful to Garth and Niya for this month full of knowledge, growth, fun, and lots of love. This is only the beginning! And I couldn’t have chosen a better training to begin with...
— Lucila Santamarina
Solid as a tree and humble as the grass.
— K.O.
Super amazing jam-packed course. So in depth and detailed. Best way to describe this course is to experience it yourself. Loved it despite the difficulty. No fire - no freedom!
— Andrew
Creative, team oriented, well grounded, fun, honest and transformative experience. I LOVED it! It has pushed me out of my comfort zone, encouraged growth and openness, taught me discipline and compassion. The very complicated philosophy was taught in a simple way and made easy to understand. The hardest poses were encouraged to practice with acceptance and compassion. Garth taught us that the quality of the effort is what matters the most. Surrounded by a group of like minded people who were so open, accepting and compassionate. Thank you Garth for your honesty, simplicity, authenticity and inspiration!
— Niya
A life changing experience! So grateful for the wisdom shared and the new friendships formed.
— Kristin Hughes
An incredible experience of growth, where I was able to remain vulnerable and open with the support of my teacher and classmates. Feeling grateful!
— Carolina Lima
Who knew that going ‘into the fire’ would be so much fun!? Amazing experience with amazing yogis and fantastic guide!!
— Jeff
Amazing experience with amazing group and amazing teacher! Be comfortable staying uncomfortable.
— Arisa
A fantastic experience of finding yourself. Yoga + Cabo = Love!!
— Ashlee
Yoga is a journey of self...surrendering...unfolding...ultimately letting go!! And trusting the process. Even when things get too uncomfortable. Garth help space for us to do exactly that. So...start the journey now.
— Elizabeth
The teaching style was great, with colorful content. It helped us to find balance between body, mind and soul.
— Shanna
I learned a lot from Garth at this training. A real journey of heart began here.
— Lily
The content is very colorful, fun, and rich!
— Gigi
I have learned lots of yoga knowledge but also learned gratitude and surrender, and gained friendship with fellow students in this program.
— Kelly
One-month training, significant self-transformation.
— Jade
I would love to continue with Garth for further training FOREVER!
— Jen
It was taught from the heart. Gratitude and heart-felt sharing are great. Strongly recommend it!
— Baba
Integrated teaching, a real yogi who is sowing the seeds for awareness and deeper journey into the personal truth.
— Vivi
The teacher was willing to share all his knowledge with us. Excellent!
— Tina
Conscientious and precise teaching, full of variety in content, highly recommend it.
— Grace
The content is colorful and rich, the teaching style is full of fun and humor, the teacher is very dedicated. Highly recommend it.
— Zoe
I benefited a lot from this training program. I not only improved a lot in my understanding of asana, but also have tremendously transformed mentally and spiritually from this training. I highly recommend it to all of you.
— Jessica
The training was lively and fun, deep and rich. Garth explained the deeper theories of the practice and philosophy in simple and understandable language.
— Livia
The Shiva Yoga® Training Program by Garth Hewitt taught me how to live as an integrated person. I am very grateful for the dedicated efforts Garth has put into this program. I hope to see Garth again here in Wenling.
— Mary
The Shiva Yoga® training program by Garth Hewitt is fantastic! It was lot of fun and has very rich content.
— Young
Garth’s lectures in this program were excellent! The Shiva Yoga program has deepened my understanding of Yoga.
— Mia
I think the Shiva Yoga program offered was very interesting and relaxing. Garth took care of everyone, and got to know all of the students very well. He was very respectful and handled all of the different personalities in our group very well. He’s a very good teacher!
— Gill
In order to deepen our understanding and apply the heavy knowledge of yoga philosophy, Garth applied all kinds of tools, such as students giving speeches, acting in mock yoga commercials, and teaching each other by giving Dharma talks. We analyzed the Yoga journey on a microcosmic and macrocosmic level. I highly recommend everyone to practice with Garth and take this training program.
— Alice
In the yoga philosophy section, Garth used all kinds of ways to deepen our understanding. Yoga Nidra was very enjoyable, it helped me to go deeper in my meditation. I improved a lot in inversion and backbend poses. This training helped me both with the physical and spiritual level and I improved a lot.
— Cassie
Assisting each other in the Asana practice was really helpful! I love this kind of teaching. The way Garth teaches yoga philosophy is awesome! The combination of asana, pranayama, and meditation in the Shiva meditation classes was amazing!
— Sophie
Garth is very welcoming. He offered accurate guidance in doing the poses, and deep lecture in yoga philosophy. The philosophy section was my favorite part. Thank you, Garth! I hope to see you and Shiva Yoga go further and further in the future. Amazing program!
— Inna
Our training was very warm and there was such unity in the group. The process of going from not understanding to understanding was very natural and amazing. Everyone in our training had a unique personality and we supported each other. Garth was very patient with all of us and very responsible.
— Olivia
A delightful, beautiful experience that I will never forget for my whole life. Garth is very handsome, and he’s got really unique teaching method. He helped us deepen our understanding of yoga knowledge in a lot of creative ways. In addition to practicing and teaching, we listened to lectures, debated debated philosophy, played games, and shot yoga commercials.
— Lucifer
Garth is very responsible in teaching, kind to everyone, and treated everyone equally. He had a lot of respect for us and our time. He helped us to build confidence in ourselves, after building confidence, we all improved very fast.
— Lin-Lu
When I finally did a handstand and the upward bow, my heart was filled with joy, as I have never been able to do these poses before. When I finished the last day of the training, I felt a great sense of accomplishment.
— Jen
Opened a door for me, to see the yoga world. Not only poses, I also leaned the essence of yoga, and found self-balance. I learned to observe the outside world in a yoga way.
— Claire
I leaned more about Yoga philosophy, pranayama and meditation. It will be very helpful for my future teaching. I gained more knowledge in Asana breakdown from this program as well, it will also help me with both self-practicing and teaching.
— Faye
I went into the program with hope but also apprehension, as I only recently started to become serious about yoga. I found a very welcoming environment that put me at ease. I learned a lot about the different poses and about general alignment techniques and proper form. Beyond that, this training opened my eyes about what yoga can do to improve my life and well-being on, and above all, off the mat. I have a much deeper understanding of what yoga is and what it really means to practice it. I found this program very valuable. Garth is knowledgeable, committed, and kind: a great combination of qualities!
— Silvana Horn
Even though the class- session of my teacher training with Garth Hewitt was completed months ago, I am still reaping the benefits of this experience and I believe what I learned will keep making a difference in my life on and off the yoga mat.

Initially, I registered myself in this training mostly to improve my personal asana practice. Garth’s Hanuman Yoga teacher training gave me so much more. Garth is very committed to share what his teachers have passed on to him while honoring them and honoring the practice. He has extensive knowledge of the different philosophical schools of thought that forged the yogic landscape throughout the centuries until this very day, and he is very adept at illustrating and simplifying complex ideologies for the most concrete thinker.
In this training, I have been able to find and maintain a connection between my personal asana practice and the ethical guidelines that have been followed by yogis since the beginning of the practice; I have started a meditation practice; I have incorporated the teaching of the Sutras into my personal life and I am consequentially experiencing a shift in my social and personal dynamics; I have acquired knowledge of anatomy that I find now essential for a safe and focused physical practice. Most importantly, I have found that this training has taught me just how much there is to know and how fortunate I am as a student to be guided in my journey by such a knowledgeable and trustworthy teacher. This training has presented new possibilities for me, as I am now contemplating on the possibility to continue my education and eventually become a teacher one day. I would recommend this training to anyone who is serious about their practice, whether the intention is to become a teacher or not.
— Sabrina G. Levi
I came to this program to learn about yoga and left with a wealth of knowledge, new friends, and a community. To me actions speak louder than words and Garth practices what he preaches. He is an amazing instructor and I’ve learned so much from his teachings. We really covered all the bases from philosophy to meditation to alignment. Who knew I was doing Down-dog wrong for 3 1/2 years???!! The program is demanding but it was just the kick I needed to further me along as a teacher and an individual.
— Mercedes
Garth’s teaching is amazing. In a short time period, I am able to do things I never though possible. He assisted me with both my physical and mental hindrances. He gave instructions that are so specific that even I could grasp. I understood what part of the body needed to shift to achieve the right posture. I live it! Garth challenged me physically and mentally and assisted me with changing my outlook/attitude towards what is possible and what I am capable of. He has enabled me to reach beyond what I presumed to be my physical limits.... thank you for an in-depth yoga teacher training experience. This has been an unforgettable experience leading to an opportunity to grow further.
— Nui Kaessman
My teacher training with Garth Hewitt was inspiring in so many aspects of my life! I was inspired to teach others and delved deeper into my own personal practice. It was an incredible experience and I am grateful to learn from a teacher so passionate about yoga and the devotion he has for his students! Garth you are the best! You kept us going and taught us so much! I am so grateful to learn from you. Thank you for all you do!
— Greta Casino
Life Changing best describes the Teacher Training with Garth Hewitt. You walk into class strangers and leave with true friends who shared a special journey that deepened their love, commitment and passion for Yoga. If you are ready for huge life shifts, commit to this training. You will have this for life.
— Karen
I now know what people mean when they say a teacher training is a life changing experience. Garth’s dedication to the practice and his commitment to his students is inspiring and made the Teacher Training an unforgettable “adventure” on our yoga journey.
— Martin Meidl